Saturday, April 17, 2010

Simple Sewing Saturdays

Welcome to a new segment of So Now I Know: mama's collection....

Simple Sewing Saturdays!!

Each Saturday at this location, we shall endeavor to clarify those pesky simple things that just can be our undoing.(and I do mean 'our') You know, buttons, zippers, terminology, grain, nap, all those Terribly Mystical Sewing Things that most books/patterns assume you know.

This Saturday's Segment is dedicated to the most misunderstood of all:
Rick Rack.
Back in the day, way before my day, apparently, Rick Rack was a panacea for Wardrobe Expansion. It appears that you could take an old skirt and embellish it to the point that no one would notice that it was 'Last Year's' Skirt!! Imagine!! Cle-ver!

However, more than likely, those of us that are quite happy with Last Year's Skirt, would be looking for a more simple decorative application of the beloved Rick Rack Trim.
Maybe something like a pillow for your porch swing? Don't you always like a perky Rick Rack little scallopy look peaking out of a seam of a pillow?
Well, it just so happens that I have the very thing on my To Do List today!

Hint #1. If you can't follow a seam allowance (5/8") carefully, you might want to stitch a 'follow line' before you apply the RR. (NOT rail road:D)
2. Beginning on the RIGHT side of the fabric, sew the RR, catching the very tip of the RR on the stitching line.
3. Place the other right side of the other piece of fabric that will be the other side of your pillow, even with the RRed piece of fabric, right sides together.
4. Sew your normal seam allowance, usually 5/8", connecting your two pieces of fabric, a front and back.
5. Continue on the other three sides with the RR application.
6. Stitch the other three sides together, raw edges even.
7. Turn the pillow inside out.
8. See the dazzling little scalloping RR's peeping out your seams and making you all happy.
9. Press the edges nice and sharp.
10. Finish the pillow by stuffing and sewing up that last side with a blind hand stitch. (What? I have to tell you about that too? OK, next week......)

You might want to consider this other very cle-very Rick Rack application!
Who knew that scraps of RR could be so very valuable!
If you are indeed thrifty enough to want copies of these most vintage of patterns, I shall see to it! I might even feature you and your shwanky earrings and updated Last Year's Skirt in a blog post.
I might even purchase them from you!!!
OK, probably not.
Happy Rick Racking!!!

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  1. I LOVE ric-rac! This is a helpful little tutorial. Thanks!


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