Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Merry Month of May

Since last August, I knew that this May was in reserve.  I knew that my 'schedule' would be put on hold and that any and all activities would be paused as I helped Eldest/Admin prepare for the life changing event of having her second child.  I remember all too well that overwhelming feeling of having a toddler and bringing a brand spanking new little one into the mix.  I remember with fear and trepidation as my due date approached, looking for an out to the situation.  As God would have it, I found myself wonderfully overdue and having two extra weeks to work out my issues; I was then,more than ready to welcome our second child.  As God would work it, that is what happened to E/A.  

(pictured: The Labor Trail, where we walked every night and some mornings...)

 As I packed and prepared for my trip to her home, I wondered with an overload of adrenalin, just what do I do for her?  What is my exact position in bringing Grandgirl #Four into the world?  How do I work with a completely natural birth when my only experience has been on my back in a surgical suite?  How do I best serve her and her family?  Just what is my job?  Do I draw close or keep hidden with toddler close to my hip?  These questions were the first thing I thought of when I woke up each morning and the last thought before I shut my eyes each night.  I wanted to be the helper that she needed but I didn't have a clue as to what that would look like.
Turns out that God in His infinite wisdom, gave both of us puh-lenty  of time to figure out how we would get through this thing called Bringing a Human Being Into This World.

Hazey Jay (her daddy's nickname) aka, Hazel Jane, had her own agenda and plan for her debut.  HJ's arrival date was May 1.  Her birthday is May 12.  Eleven full days to make peace with the wait and surround her home with the right amount of busy-ness and rest.  Eleven days to wrestle with issues and make pillows for her bed.  Eleven days to have fun with her sister, the illustrious Miss Viv, and Eleven Days to make all the teeny final touches on her sweet little room.  Eleven Days for her mama to walk, dance, bounce, walk and rest for The Big Event.
 This time will heretofore be remembered as The Golden Time.

I shall remember this time my whole life.  Even when my memory gets iffy, I shall relish the days that E/A and I spent together, along with Miss Viv and Wonderful Man. I just know I will.

 There were long talks, good meals, sewing on the deck, visiting with neighbors, evening walks, wonderful weather and always this tiny thread of anticipation as each pre labor contraction and little twinge, propelled us(me)  into Level Yellow on the Baby Alert warning system.  Miss Viv was more than willing to help Mimi take her mind off the reality of her baby having another baby by lots of swinging on her playset, jumping on Neighbor Steve's trampoline,hosting tea parties, reading books, playing pretend and lots of making up stories on the swing.

 I loved watching the peaceful repose that I would find on my eldest daughter's face as she would caress her burgeoning belly . 

 I loved watching the inner conversations she would have with her body and spirit as it was stretched to max. Silent yet powerful, I could feel the strength that she was summoning from the recesses of her soul as her body prepared for the most profound of moments.

 One lovely Friday evening, after Papa had arrived and the night was settling in, a long walk started the process that would culminate in Miss Hazel Jane's arrival 24 hours later.

It was a privilege to be a part of those sacred hours.  To watch WM step up and step into the supportive, strength giving, encourager that makes for a wonderful husband and places himself right up there in the running for Father of the Year.  It is every parent's dream to see their daughters so tenderly, protectively cared for by their husbands.  

The time frame from laboring at home to laboring at the hospital, happened quietly throughout the night so that Miss Viv barely knew that the Big Event was happening.  The afternoon and evening that Mimi and Papa watched over the Big Sister, consisted of fun and frivolity involving hungry ducks and fun filled parks.  Make no mistake; Miss Viv is but a mere three years old, but her thoughts were staying near to her laboring mama and her absent daddy.  Complete strangers were told, unbidden, that 'her mommy was in the hospital, pushing her baby sister out.'.  She could be involved in the funnest of play but her mind and heart were in that unfamiliar spot; Her Life Was Radically Changing And She Knew It Involved Pushing a Baby Out.

Papa's job was to keep her safe on the playground and to attend to her needs while Mimi's job was to park herself on a bench nearby and intercede on her daughter's behalf, the needs known only to her Maker.

As the three of us settled in for the night, The phone call came:  Hazel Jane had joined our family in a completely natural, healthy way, just like her mama hoped and prayed....

The next morning consisted of preparing for our trip to the hospital to see Baby Hazel.
Reporting the scene at the hospital, little girls meeting each other for the first time, is pretty much beyond my expertise.  Suffice to say, in all my years, I have not witnessed a sweeter scene....

Baby Hazel and her parental units arrived at their home close to midnight that same night.  With Miss Viv asleep and my mind running through so many things, I opted to keep reading my book and allow HJ to settle into her home with her mama and daddy without my assistance.  I fell asleep with the sweetest little face on my mind...

The first words out of Miss Viv's mouth the next morning were, 'Is my Baby Sister home?' After receiving the affirmative, she zoomed into mama and daddy's room to greet her new sibling.

Shortly after breakfast, Mimi and Papa left the sweet, happy, exhausted little family to their own devices while they adjusted to their new normal on their Babymoon.  I knew that after daddy returned to work, I would return to get acquainted.  But for now, it was important for the four of them to have time together to cement the bond that had been forged nine months previous.

By the end of the first week on Babymoon, the siblings arrived, thus bringing the quartet of little girlies together for the first time.  Since I was not present, I can only go by the reporting of Neighbor Deb as to the wonderfulness of the viewing; three of my sweeties, three spouses and four of the most dazzling granddaughters ever, hanging out and sharing their lives.  I do believe I would have combusted had I been in attendance.

So, as the earth erupts in blossoms and summer is a whisper away, our family celebrates our newest arrival....A wondrous time, a glorious memory...

Welcome, welcome Hazel Jane...We have waited for you a long time......

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Leafgirl Studio+ Organics Spring Bags!

(Ed. Note:  I imagine that some of you are wondering: 'So Deb, whats up with the bags?  Where are the new grandgirl photos?  Where is the story of her arrival??  To this I answer, I am a good Crunchy Grandmama.  I wait till the mama has a chance to post the first photos and introduce our friends and the world to our newest baby.  Some of the Commandments of Crunchy Grandmothering are: 1.  Thou shall not tell anyone anything about the baby until you have been properly okayed by the parents.   2.  Do not speak of the labor and delivery for it is sacred and belongs in the heart of the mama and daddy and is up to them to reveal the details when they have processed.  3. Never release photos publicly without permission.  Since I was the closest thing to a Crunchy Mama in the 70's and 80's, I completely understand and respect these rules and so until I get the okay, you shall just have to put up with the bags I made for Leafgirl Studio+Organicshttps://www.facebook.com/leafgirlorganicstudio the week before I left on my trip to Baby/LaborandDelivery Land.  Watch this space for future journeys with my grandgirls....)
 1.  The Hippie Bag.  Made from a tablecloth....Whimsy inside as well...
 2.  The classic market bag.  Vintage Everything.  Of Course.
 3.  Sprite Bag.  Microsuede with scallops and vintage buttons
 4.  Walkabout Bag.  Just fun when you travel light.
 5.  Elfin Beauty.  Fringey and perky.  Fun abounds inside and out.

 6. Vintage Sheets Work Well Bag.  Sprinkling of buttons
 7.  Potpourri Bag.  Little bits of this and that. Colorful and really fun.
 8.  Market Bag Supreme.  Colorful, appliqued and pocketful.  Can't be crabby carrying this....
Can you tell how much fun I have designing, sewing this little bits of art???

BTW, did I mention that I have a New Grandgirl??  :D

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