Monday, August 27, 2012

Sewing Room Redux

When Baby Girl left her home, she looked at her bedroom, looked at me and announced, 'I'm done with it Mama; do with it what you want!'  After I whimpered a bit over the finality of it, I perked up a bit and thought, 'Okay doke!  I'm on it!'
For years it remained a guest room, guest meaning Baby Girl herself on her leave from Purdue and the World.

But one day, I got this thought:  I Need A Proper Sewing Room.

Hubby was quite intrigued by this proclamation seeing that I hadn't sewn on a regular basis for many years.  What I needed to do, I could accomplish in my very doable sewing room tucked under the porch in the basement.

But for 'some reason', I pursued this transformation.  I painted and ordered desk/work tables and chairs from Ikea and proceeded to drag all my equipment up two flights of stairs. I continued to utilize a borrowed sewing machine and made it work on an as needed basis.

Then, the day came of Baby Girl's engagement and the time to get serious about my sewing future began.
I ordered a Janome machine in time to order embroidered lace and silk dupioni.  I cleared things that would be inclined to snag from the area and for one month, I prayed, focused, and prayed some more so that I could create a memory for Baby Girl in the form of her wedding dress.
Shortly after Baby Girl's official leaving of the nest, Eldest/Admin came due with the First Grandchild.  I sewed for the child like there were no other option for obtaining baby type articles.  Diaper bag, quilt, spitty cloths, you name it, I was on it.  And how handy that I had a brand new sewing room to accomplish all this magic!

With nearly five grandgirls and many, many baby things made for many, many an expectant mama since that time, my sewing room has evolved and disintegrated into the woesome mess that is documented here.  (I would like to point out with pride, the great deal of humility I possess to be willing to share this, this ......craziness with the Internet world.  I am properly ashamed....sigh)

Early this summer, as I tiptoed into the Sewing Room, carefully stepping over piles and bags of fabric, after looking in vain for my scissors, after missing my clear vinyl in all the chaos, this 

mama decided to revamp.

 While spending time at E/A's house, I plotted and planned and called Hubby to measure so that I could get my act together.  I knew that I had enough space (for now) but I clearly needed some organization. (some?)

Good thing for me that E/A is located near an Ikea! 
 On the day of our last departure from their home, we high tailed it there in time to be a part of  College Dorm Room Outfitting.  Wow.  In some areas of the store, we were literally shoulder to shoulder.  I told Hubby it was like attending the United Church of IKEA; plenty of sermons, pretty sure worship was going on, music and lots of fellowship. 

 Fortunately for Hubby, I had a clear list and a focused mind.  We steadied ourselves for the organizational area, found our numbers, headed to the warehouse area, loaded our cart and made haste to the check out.  Hubby had brought our beat up pick up truck to carry the supplies back home.  The poor thing, parked next to some pretty impressive SUV's, looked pathetically eager to please us by performing well on the trip home.  She did fine.  No a/c or music but lots of character.

 I had already blocked off on my calendar the full week for reorganizing and sorting and pitching.  I used every bit of that week.  I threw out nearly two bags of tiny scraps that I thought I might need some day.  I got rid of fabric that annoyed me by it's feel.  I removed a closet door and utilized the shelves inside for my office things.  I found things that went missing long ago.

 It was an incredible moment of clarity and joy when the finale, the new work lamps were attached.  

I truly wanted to cry.

Since the last jot and tittle has been in place, I cannot tell you the inspiration, the designs, the production that is going on in my cleared out brain.

I love that this past weekend, E/A, Miss Viv and Hazey Jay could all hang out and sew, chat, listen to music, look at knitting patterns, come up with ideas, chat some more and play all in the very cleaned out and inspiring area now known as mama's collection area of grand organization!

I am now ready to create.
I am now ready to fill orders that have come in recently.
I am now ready to thank God for enabling me this space, time, ability and peace.

I Am Ready.

Friday, August 17, 2012

A Short Story

 So often during my day, my mind will drift back to my busy, busy days of my young mamahood.  Usually, these reveries will be triggered by a text sent by one of my girls sharing bits of their busy mama days...

My mind will pick up scenarios, little pockets of memories, that will bring a smile, maybe a tear or two as I think about those times long ago....

Today, I was thinking of Baby Girl who is vastly expanding with GrandGirl # 5, her second.  BG's BG is nary two so I know that she is kept hopping.  I so remember those exhausted days when I was pregnant and chasing a toddler. 

This particular memory was one of those days.

Eldest Son was quite the pip.  (Still is.)  He had a way of winding me around his finger with his impish grin and sweet disposition.  Quiet and intense, he was a low key little boy that didn't require much. 

 Except one day. 

 I was in the last month with Youngest Son and very slow going.  ES had to go to the bathroom.  For some reason, on that day, he insisted on me going with him when for months, he had taken care of business by himself.  Our bathroom was up thirteen stairs.  Might as well have been on the moon for the mountain that it seemed like on that particular day.

ES continued to plead with me to go with him.  In exasperation, I sat on the steps while telling him, firmly, that he was a big boy and he could go upstairs by himself.  Hurry and get up there!  Don't wait till you have an accident!  Oh, the frustration that I felt with the overwhelming pregnancy exhaustion taking over my normally good nature.  Ahem.

I sat on the landing, having made it that far and in the bathroom upstairs, I could hear him whimpering while he took care of his 'paperwork'.  My mama heart collapsed in guilt and sadness as I trod up the rest of the stairs to comfort the forlorn little fella.

As we finished washing hands and wiping noses, we sat on the top step of the staircase, arms around each other, asking forgiveness for our demanding, short sighted ways.

As we wrapped up our love fest, I asked my little guy, 'Devon, why did you need me to come upstairs with you?  You've been doing this for so long now by yourself.'  His sniffly voice looked up at me with those sweet damp blue eyes and said, 'Because I need you mom.'

That was many, many years ago and I can still remember the pang in my heart to this day.

Well, that little guy has not needed his 'mommy' for many, many years now.
For over a decade, he has been on his own and sharing life with Lovely Wife for several years now.
But today, after receiving the photo from LW with this picture of ES and his little sweetie pie after playing in the rain, I again, hearkened back to my little boy who loved to play in the rain, with or without his mommy's help. (Note the boots.  And sister's broken umbrella.)Today,  Sweet Adeline was even wearing the favorite teeny Mickey Mouse sweatshirt that her daddy wore night and day for a long time....

Ah...the memories just about did me in.

What  a joy to be able to reap the harvest of bountiful memories with your children that you invested in years ago!  What peace there is when the days were lived well and full!

Look at your children squarely in their pretty little eyes tonight and let them read it in yours, that your are thankful that you are their mama....

*love, you sweeties!*

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Adeline Throws a Wingding!

 (Excuse while I get my bearings...As I started to write under this little sweetheart's photo, I just had to stop and sigh deeply.  This diminutive little dolly does this to me every time.  Her mama or pretend auntie will shoot me a photo text and each time I say ,'Oh Adeline...'  Truly, she is as adorable as they come...)

 Okay.  I think I'm okay now.  But I am smiling as I write this,  Just so you know.

A summer birthday.  In our immediate family, we had not one.  Lot's of springs.  A smattering of winter.  A couple of autumns.  But nary a summer baby.
Then last year happened.
Sweet Adeline made her appearance on the cusp of August and very tail end of July.  And the world rejoiced.
The past year has been exciting watching this little sprite grow and learn.  All of us just tend to sit and watch her explore and experiment and forget about other forms of entertainment.  She truly is a hoot to observe.  Her on schedule activities sometime look so cute on such a tiny frame.  We know that when she starts walking (is now standing up by herself; can it be that far away?) she will crack us up once more to see the little munchkin take off in a year old hurry.

 So it was with great fanfare and planning on her darlin' mama's part, that this, the first summer birthday party of our family, commenced.

Since most of us in central southern Indiana haven't seen much rain this summer, it was a good bet that an outdoor venue was pretty safe.  Lovely Wife/ Mama selected her theme, Lemonade and Fun, with pink and yellow as the colors for the summer afternoon soiree.

It needs to be said that Sweet Adeline has more than her fair share of fans.  Both mama and daddy are the kind of people that people just like to hang out with.  They are fun and gracious with their home and most certainly, they have friends stopping by on a regular basis. So when invites starting going out, LWM began to be glad for their quarter acre backyard.  It appears that most people don't mind taking a part of their summer Saturday afternoon to help an adorable little girl and her proud parents celebrate.

Invites were designed, mailed out and the quest for the perfect table settings and menu began. LWM knows what she likes and my thought is that she had been planning this party in her grateful mama mind, during the dark months of winter.

 Helpers were gathered in the guise of LWM's mama, sister, sisters in laws,a brother, brothers in laws and two obedient puppies. Neighbors hauled their extra patio furniture and a convenient rental place gave good deals on chairs and tablecloths.

 With everyone utilizing their talents and gifts,' many hands made light work'...

 The smallest guest was taken care of; crayons, stickers and play dough and lots of paper ....

 And for those of you that are so inclined to eat well...Well, that was certainly more than taken care of.....:D

 Tents and canopies were gathered for the 90 degree temps that have been normal these days.  However, we seriously know that Sweet Adeline must have powerful Friends in high places as the day was temperate, breezy and downright enjoyable.

And let it be known that nary a guest came empty handed.  The. little. girl is.set.

 Even the cousins from Cincinnati were able to join us in the festivities!

 Both sides of Sweet Adeline's family, mama and daddy's, were able to be there, at nearly the same time! Rare, indeed!

Mimi added a proper 'Celebrate' banner made of Addie's baby quilt scraps from last year

 Mimi's dolly pattern from Wee Wonderful was completed  and a stuffed Boston Terrier was ordered from etsy

 Her mama's collection birthday crown was personalized and popped onto her pig tailed noggin and the party could begin...

Sweet Adeline, Mimi is more than excited to watch you bring in each of your years with equal or surpassing gaiety and fun!

For you see, you are much to celebrate!

Love you, Addie!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Papa Creates!

With Retirement imminent and having viewed countless things that mama has created for The Grandgirls, Papa decided that it was time to get on the bandwagon.  He started off small a bit ago, making a wooden portable grow chart for the girls.  At least one member of our family promises to be a bit mobile for awhile, and with the help of Pinterest, she thought that a detached, sturdy growth chart might best suit her needs.

 That little bit of a project got him going.

Especially after Eldest/Admin mentioned ever so casually that she would love a child size picnic table.  I am sure that she was remembering the dear little table that her Grandparents gave her and her brother one summer.  That little table was utilized for many things in my children's lives.  It served countless lunches and  became an outdoor art center.  It was used to reach the clothesline when a favorite item was needed and mom was busy.  It was used as a platform for the pool.  E/A used it to hold the numerable locust shells that she collected.  It was a counter for a pretend store.  And they used it till it literally fell apart.

 Papa also recalled the value that the little table held in our family and neighborhood and like a good Papa, he was determined to replicate it for his granddaughters.  Like a man on a mission, he scoured every store and flea market.  He even stopped at a roadside display on Route 50, showcasing small pet houses and mini picnic tables, trying his best to shove the table in our mid size sedan with no success.  Alas, the season was flying by and the girls (one being several weeks old) absolutely had to have their table THIS SUMMER.

 I accommodate his meticulous way of doing things by doing what every good wife does: Get out of the way, leave him alone, ask no questions and take pictures(my input).

 I did have to pester him several times.  The man has a fragile back and hours of leaning over does not sit well with him.  He would continue on for hours if I hadn't gently reminded him that perhaps he might regret his decision to work on it straight through to the finish.

 Sadly, I didn't have to remind him; his back did that for him.

 But persevere he did.

 And after finding out that the back stoop was a good height for him to work from,

 the table was completed and shipped off with Unca Joco's recent trip to his nieces home...

 While there last week, Mimi placed three coats of polyurethane stain on it so that it will last for years and years and years.

Good Job, Papa!!

Thank you Ana White,, for the abundant, clear , *free* pattern from this very useful blog/website!!

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