Monday, August 27, 2012

Sewing Room Redux

When Baby Girl left her home, she looked at her bedroom, looked at me and announced, 'I'm done with it Mama; do with it what you want!'  After I whimpered a bit over the finality of it, I perked up a bit and thought, 'Okay doke!  I'm on it!'
For years it remained a guest room, guest meaning Baby Girl herself on her leave from Purdue and the World.

But one day, I got this thought:  I Need A Proper Sewing Room.

Hubby was quite intrigued by this proclamation seeing that I hadn't sewn on a regular basis for many years.  What I needed to do, I could accomplish in my very doable sewing room tucked under the porch in the basement.

But for 'some reason', I pursued this transformation.  I painted and ordered desk/work tables and chairs from Ikea and proceeded to drag all my equipment up two flights of stairs. I continued to utilize a borrowed sewing machine and made it work on an as needed basis.

Then, the day came of Baby Girl's engagement and the time to get serious about my sewing future began.
I ordered a Janome machine in time to order embroidered lace and silk dupioni.  I cleared things that would be inclined to snag from the area and for one month, I prayed, focused, and prayed some more so that I could create a memory for Baby Girl in the form of her wedding dress.
Shortly after Baby Girl's official leaving of the nest, Eldest/Admin came due with the First Grandchild.  I sewed for the child like there were no other option for obtaining baby type articles.  Diaper bag, quilt, spitty cloths, you name it, I was on it.  And how handy that I had a brand new sewing room to accomplish all this magic!

With nearly five grandgirls and many, many baby things made for many, many an expectant mama since that time, my sewing room has evolved and disintegrated into the woesome mess that is documented here.  (I would like to point out with pride, the great deal of humility I possess to be willing to share this, this ......craziness with the Internet world.  I am properly ashamed....sigh)

Early this summer, as I tiptoed into the Sewing Room, carefully stepping over piles and bags of fabric, after looking in vain for my scissors, after missing my clear vinyl in all the chaos, this 

mama decided to revamp.

 While spending time at E/A's house, I plotted and planned and called Hubby to measure so that I could get my act together.  I knew that I had enough space (for now) but I clearly needed some organization. (some?)

Good thing for me that E/A is located near an Ikea! 
 On the day of our last departure from their home, we high tailed it there in time to be a part of  College Dorm Room Outfitting.  Wow.  In some areas of the store, we were literally shoulder to shoulder.  I told Hubby it was like attending the United Church of IKEA; plenty of sermons, pretty sure worship was going on, music and lots of fellowship. 

 Fortunately for Hubby, I had a clear list and a focused mind.  We steadied ourselves for the organizational area, found our numbers, headed to the warehouse area, loaded our cart and made haste to the check out.  Hubby had brought our beat up pick up truck to carry the supplies back home.  The poor thing, parked next to some pretty impressive SUV's, looked pathetically eager to please us by performing well on the trip home.  She did fine.  No a/c or music but lots of character.

 I had already blocked off on my calendar the full week for reorganizing and sorting and pitching.  I used every bit of that week.  I threw out nearly two bags of tiny scraps that I thought I might need some day.  I got rid of fabric that annoyed me by it's feel.  I removed a closet door and utilized the shelves inside for my office things.  I found things that went missing long ago.

 It was an incredible moment of clarity and joy when the finale, the new work lamps were attached.  

I truly wanted to cry.

Since the last jot and tittle has been in place, I cannot tell you the inspiration, the designs, the production that is going on in my cleared out brain.

I love that this past weekend, E/A, Miss Viv and Hazey Jay could all hang out and sew, chat, listen to music, look at knitting patterns, come up with ideas, chat some more and play all in the very cleaned out and inspiring area now known as mama's collection area of grand organization!

I am now ready to create.
I am now ready to fill orders that have come in recently.
I am now ready to thank God for enabling me this space, time, ability and peace.

I Am Ready.


  1. Baby, you were BORN ready! And I'm having workroom envy. I think I feel some more organization and unpacking coming on!


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