Monday, August 6, 2012

Papa Creates!

With Retirement imminent and having viewed countless things that mama has created for The Grandgirls, Papa decided that it was time to get on the bandwagon.  He started off small a bit ago, making a wooden portable grow chart for the girls.  At least one member of our family promises to be a bit mobile for awhile, and with the help of Pinterest, she thought that a detached, sturdy growth chart might best suit her needs.

 That little bit of a project got him going.

Especially after Eldest/Admin mentioned ever so casually that she would love a child size picnic table.  I am sure that she was remembering the dear little table that her Grandparents gave her and her brother one summer.  That little table was utilized for many things in my children's lives.  It served countless lunches and  became an outdoor art center.  It was used to reach the clothesline when a favorite item was needed and mom was busy.  It was used as a platform for the pool.  E/A used it to hold the numerable locust shells that she collected.  It was a counter for a pretend store.  And they used it till it literally fell apart.

 Papa also recalled the value that the little table held in our family and neighborhood and like a good Papa, he was determined to replicate it for his granddaughters.  Like a man on a mission, he scoured every store and flea market.  He even stopped at a roadside display on Route 50, showcasing small pet houses and mini picnic tables, trying his best to shove the table in our mid size sedan with no success.  Alas, the season was flying by and the girls (one being several weeks old) absolutely had to have their table THIS SUMMER.

 I accommodate his meticulous way of doing things by doing what every good wife does: Get out of the way, leave him alone, ask no questions and take pictures(my input).

 I did have to pester him several times.  The man has a fragile back and hours of leaning over does not sit well with him.  He would continue on for hours if I hadn't gently reminded him that perhaps he might regret his decision to work on it straight through to the finish.

 Sadly, I didn't have to remind him; his back did that for him.

 But persevere he did.

 And after finding out that the back stoop was a good height for him to work from,

 the table was completed and shipped off with Unca Joco's recent trip to his nieces home...

 While there last week, Mimi placed three coats of polyurethane stain on it so that it will last for years and years and years.

Good Job, Papa!!

Thank you Ana White,, for the abundant, clear , *free* pattern from this very useful blog/website!!

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  1. And we will say it again... THANK YOU PAPA!!!!!!!! It is beautiful and we will enjoy it just as much as me and my sibs enjoyed ours years ago!!!!


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