Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Adeline Throws a Wingding!

 (Excuse while I get my bearings...As I started to write under this little sweetheart's photo, I just had to stop and sigh deeply.  This diminutive little dolly does this to me every time.  Her mama or pretend auntie will shoot me a photo text and each time I say ,'Oh Adeline...'  Truly, she is as adorable as they come...)

 Okay.  I think I'm okay now.  But I am smiling as I write this,  Just so you know.

A summer birthday.  In our immediate family, we had not one.  Lot's of springs.  A smattering of winter.  A couple of autumns.  But nary a summer baby.
Then last year happened.
Sweet Adeline made her appearance on the cusp of August and very tail end of July.  And the world rejoiced.
The past year has been exciting watching this little sprite grow and learn.  All of us just tend to sit and watch her explore and experiment and forget about other forms of entertainment.  She truly is a hoot to observe.  Her on schedule activities sometime look so cute on such a tiny frame.  We know that when she starts walking (is now standing up by herself; can it be that far away?) she will crack us up once more to see the little munchkin take off in a year old hurry.

 So it was with great fanfare and planning on her darlin' mama's part, that this, the first summer birthday party of our family, commenced.

Since most of us in central southern Indiana haven't seen much rain this summer, it was a good bet that an outdoor venue was pretty safe.  Lovely Wife/ Mama selected her theme, Lemonade and Fun, with pink and yellow as the colors for the summer afternoon soiree.

It needs to be said that Sweet Adeline has more than her fair share of fans.  Both mama and daddy are the kind of people that people just like to hang out with.  They are fun and gracious with their home and most certainly, they have friends stopping by on a regular basis. So when invites starting going out, LWM began to be glad for their quarter acre backyard.  It appears that most people don't mind taking a part of their summer Saturday afternoon to help an adorable little girl and her proud parents celebrate.

Invites were designed, mailed out and the quest for the perfect table settings and menu began. LWM knows what she likes and my thought is that she had been planning this party in her grateful mama mind, during the dark months of winter.

 Helpers were gathered in the guise of LWM's mama, sister, sisters in laws,a brother, brothers in laws and two obedient puppies. Neighbors hauled their extra patio furniture and a convenient rental place gave good deals on chairs and tablecloths.

 With everyone utilizing their talents and gifts,' many hands made light work'...

 The smallest guest was taken care of; crayons, stickers and play dough and lots of paper ....

 And for those of you that are so inclined to eat well...Well, that was certainly more than taken care of.....:D

 Tents and canopies were gathered for the 90 degree temps that have been normal these days.  However, we seriously know that Sweet Adeline must have powerful Friends in high places as the day was temperate, breezy and downright enjoyable.

And let it be known that nary a guest came empty handed.  The. little. girl is.set.

 Even the cousins from Cincinnati were able to join us in the festivities!

 Both sides of Sweet Adeline's family, mama and daddy's, were able to be there, at nearly the same time! Rare, indeed!

Mimi added a proper 'Celebrate' banner made of Addie's baby quilt scraps from last year

 Mimi's dolly pattern from Wee Wonderful was completed  and a stuffed Boston Terrier was ordered from etsy

 Her mama's collection birthday crown was personalized and popped onto her pig tailed noggin and the party could begin...

Sweet Adeline, Mimi is more than excited to watch you bring in each of your years with equal or surpassing gaiety and fun!

For you see, you are much to celebrate!

Love you, Addie!


  1. I love reading your words. :) and that gift is too cute, great job. The dog poking out of the bag..!! <3


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