Thursday, May 27, 2010

Memorial Day Blackout

I believe that my house can be seen, at night, on Google Earth.
I know this for several reasons:
  1. Kindred Spirits Friend nicknamed me, "Our Lady of the Lights".
  2. When we moved in to our new area, I was oft times identified as 'Oh, you're the lady that has the house with all the lights on!"
  3. The profusion of lamps that I have managed to collect.
  4. My electric bill.
Seriously, I have an aversion to walking into dark rooms.  It began when my children were small and Lego's and Barbie shoes sometime escaped the nightly pick up.  I'm sure some of you are nodding and remembering clearly the night you stepped on one of those wonderful Danish designed toys, barefooted.  It probably parallels with the night that you taught your Lego Fan Child his/her first swear word.  Pretty sure.

All this to say, Darkness Shall Soon Fall Upon My House.
Electrician/Eldest/Son shall be giving us an Electrical Upgrade In Lieu of College Tuition.  Plus Change.
Seriously.  The small  amperage that this rather large house has, is pretty embarrassing.  And dangerous.
Needless to say, EES gets the Heebie Jeebies everytime he wanders in our basement and views our archaic fuse situation.   I can find him in the basement, head shaking, hands on his hips, knowing that his immediate prayer for his aging parents, is to be able to run fast out of the house in case of fire.

So with a long Memorial Day weekend ahead of us, EES scheduled us for the update.
Friday morning, we have our meter pulled and the lights go out on 8th Street.
And I, fortunato that I am, shall be scurried away to the Brilliance of Vivieland where lights shine brightly always with or without the aid of Thomas Alva.
Eldest/Admin and Wonderful Man and Their Delightful Daughter came earlier this week to help with the adjustment of  nonelectricalness and to abscond me to the Fun of Cincinnati.

Worry not, Dear Mitchellites!  Barring The Hubby forgetting to pay our electric bill, the Lights on 8th Street shall beam again once EES restores us safely.
The Blogging Lights shall reappear perhaps next week, albeit without photo enhancement.

Thank you, Dear Readers, for the Wonderful Light you do bring me each day....
Have a Wonderful Memorial Day!


Let's just say, for instance, that you are planning a vacation.  You're thinking Italy, New Zealand, Maine, West Coast.....You really can't decide.  Well, let me help you out a bit. Of Course, as a Former Agoraphobic, my range is decidedly small.  But what I lack in travel experience, I do understand, as a Previous Home bound Personage, I do know what makes a home.  You might say I'm a professional on the subject.  Self Proclaimed, mind you.
So here's the deal. If your other dramatic and I'm sure very interesting international travels fall through, I have a back up:  Candle Light Inn in Bedford Indiana.  A gem in the midst in the beautiful rolling hills of Southern Indiana.  My Garden Exchange Ladies traveled northerly in the county to take advantage of the Inn's proprietor's offer to host last Monday night.  A delight, to be sure.  The Inn itself was restored to it's former glory six years ago, with careful attention to restoration and updating to our 21rst century needs.  A lovely blend of both.  We enjoyed hearing the history of this 1913 Craftsman and the amazing details involved in the restoration.  Here are a smattering of the group of 15 that joined us that evening. The Inn's broad porches just pleaded with us to come and sit a spell.  The scenery was restful and abundant in scope.  In other words, this normally bustling bunch of gardeners, just sat and was content to just be.  Well, except for one.  She packed her knitting, as most knitters do, for the down time to pick up some stitch time.  A few attendees brought gardening magazines to share so we perused them as well.  And after abundant and very delicious refreshments inside the Inn, we toured the nearby landscaping.Gotta admit, I did feel sorry for these two.  Poor little puckering expectations.  So close, yet so far......

The invitation is set out there.  Intrigued by the remoteness of our rural area, consider Candle Light Inn as a means to the real destination.......ME!! :D

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Of Lettuce and Lunch

Really had nothing obvious for lunch.  The one leftover was just a bit too Left Over.  Groceries have been intentionally diminishing due to the Big Electrical Update this coming weekend.  Didn't want to overload Youngest Son's Cottage Refrigerator. So we are literally tried to eat through our fridge before the Big Four Day No Electricity Extravaganza This Weekend.

Started to explore the pantry. (Remember the Makeover on this Neglected Area this past Winter?  I still like to look at it and admire my handiwork.  End of Life Query:  'So Mrs. Cory, exactly what was your lifetime's most prized accomplishment?'  With my last labored breath, I summon the strength to eke out the words, 'Well, there was that one winter that I re lined and re organized and cleaned my pantry.....') 
Anyway. :D
The pantry did not look hopeful.  Soup?  Really?  In this heat/humidity?
Then I saw the albacore tuna that I purchased recently and the Lunch Ball got rolling.....
Got out my favorite Elk Bowl.  Only I get to use this.  Everyone knows this.
I drained the can of tuna, making sure I left enough in the can for Stella the White Cat to lick the remains.  She was ever so happy.
I added the rest of the pickle relish. (yes!  Another thing used up from the Ice Box!) Oh Dear! No mayo opened!  Do Not want to open another.  (See beginning of post).  Grabbed my Lite poppy seed salad dressing.  Added some dried onion.  And celery seed.  And tossed it all merrily together.
Oh, I didn't I see in the pantry some of those Rosemary and Olive Oil Triscuit crackers?  And I must get rid of the cottage cheese as well.
Then I saw it.
My most favorite new invention (to me) and the Best New Product Award (from me):
Living Lettuce!
I saw it at our wonderful co op not too long ago,, but then I would expect it of them.  But two weeks ago, I saw at my local grocery, not known for it's producial assortment.  Small town, you know.  And there it sat.  I used some Sunday night with extraordinary impression. Now, Two Days Later, it still was living up to it's freshness promise.
You must check this out!
Then ask your Produce Manager to stock this wondrous product!  The bib lettuce was a great complement to the Tuna Spontaneous Salad.  Fresh, and still fed from the special recyclable, watered root system packaging.  Amazing.

Don't I get excited about the strangest things?

Monday, May 24, 2010

The Importance of Having Bedside

Being sincing that I am an ADHD kinda gal, it has always been important for me to be intentional about my organization.  I can have 5 balls in the air, 4 WIPs, 3 books going on at the same time, but at the end of the day, I have to see where I've been and what tomorrow looks like.  That is why my bedtime ritual is tantamount to survival for my scattered, spontaneous mind.  In the days of my young mama hood, it was imperative for me to be properly installed in my bed with my world around me, come nighttime.  You can ask my children; there came a certain hour that mom had to be in  her room, in her bed, fresh from removing the day's grit from my weary self, that was an important part of  my life.  They were welcome to join me in my neutralizing, and they usually did.  Actually, in the kids teen years, it was nothing to have a parade of adolescents gathered in my room or walking the hall.  They would all greet me(us) like it was the most normal thing in the world to be talking to their friend's parental units in their jammies.
The centerpiece of My Organizational Cure For ADHD is my Bedside Table.  Nothing like relaxing for the night, pre sleep, and review the day and prepare for the morn. 
And here is what is the List of Requirements for a Proper Bedside Table:
1. A very good lamp.  Soft light, yet good angle for reading in bed. Oh, and decorative.
2. A good sized table.  It has nothing to do with the standard Bedside Tables that are sold with bedroom 'suites'.  But no, But no.  I have used a variety of tables; all shapes and sizes.  Currently, I'm using a mahogany drum table that was in my childhood home.  There are still childish scrawls from moi still there.  I used to love to lie under it and see the room from upside down.  Of course, I usually had a pen/pencil/crayon in my hand, thus the graffiti.  Mom didn't know.
3.  A good pencil cup.  This can hold emery boards and other manicurish paraphernalia.  Pencils, pens, markers all are invited to join in.
4.  A tray.  Good to place a water carafe or bottle or glass of water to keep from getting out of bed when late night thirst occurs.  Remember, it's all about staying on 'The Island of the Bed' for relaxation from the Hectic of the Day.
5.  My pile of books.  Depends on the mood.  Newspapers can join in as well.  Sometimes I go lighthearted after a particularly challenging day.  Or deep for the intellectually needy days.  Something to neutralizing the mind from the details of the day.
6.  Note pads, journals, diaries.  I have kept a diary for over 40 years.  Daily.  This is when I write in it.  One paragraph.  Segments, not sentences. 2 minutes, tops.  Every day.  Give me a day from the past 40 years and I can tell you what I was doing; me or my family...Crazy, but very fun.  The list of To Do for the next day comes next.  Bullet points. Reminders.  Now that the present has been recorded and the morrow set for reminding, you can now bring peace to your minds  So important for those of us with Busy Brains.
7. A decorative drawer or box.  Therein contains the Things of Grooming.  My facial moisturizer, my Burt' Bees foot balm, my body butter, my almond cuticle oil, nail polish and tissues and hydro cortisone cream for my incessant gardener's allergy to certain insects.  Remember, the goal is not to get out of bed once you are installed post bath.
I completely remember as a young nursing mother, that my rule was 9:00pm, my body was in bed.  Children, nursing babies were welcome to join me for book time, discussion and concerns but mama was done being vertical.  Had to have my legs up and reclining on a bank of pillows.  The children knew that they could play post bath, nearby, in their rooms or mine.  They just weren't allowed to go downstairs.  A time came at night, that we relegated ourselves to the upstairs, signaling the slowing down of the day.  Quiet play, even though as they got older, they could get rowdier.  As long as they were 'contained' for the bedtime.  I can still see Eldest Son crawling up our door frame, Eldest/admin, curled up next to me sharing her friendship concerns, and lots of super friends and GI Joes using my legs under the blankets as bunkers.  Baby Girl's room was right off ours, so we were entertained by her constant fashion show.

Do not make bedtime a nightmare.  Give into it and beat the kids to bed.  Hear me, Not Sleeping, merely relaxing, away from TV and the world.  Just be family.  All going to bed at the same time. Sort of.

Get your Bedside Table Now and neutralize your hectic life.

Sunday, May 23, 2010


As we begin a new week, what say we clean about old business, preparing ourselves for the lark that is the upcoming week with all it's Holidaying?  As you can see, I finished Miss Vivien's Summer Frock.  Fabric from my friend Randi's wonderful etsy store,  Lovely, lovely fabric and wonderful service.  Please check her out for all your summer sewing needs.  Pattern, Simplicity 2625.  Can you picture my little Sweetie Pie, positively glowing with her lovely strawberry blond hair, in this dress?  Grammy can't wait...Always one to not pass on an opportunity to plant shop, we (Birthday Boy (ES), Lovely Wife, Baby Girl, Hubby and Grandchild Father, hopped to a very convenient AND wonderfully complete, garden center in the Greenwood Mall parking lot.  I know, Right?  Lovely, unique plants.  And we bought some.  As you can see, I had to take the photo opp of Baby Girl buying plants, knowing by the time the plants are in full bloom, she will be too!  Grammy's heart kinda melted at the thought...Eldest Son's mama's collection Birthday Banner looks right festive next to their Kit Kat Clock that the Hubby and I got them for their first anniversary.  Kit Kat has his Cub hat on for the season.  Shall we say that perhaps only the clock is hopeful for them this year?  Sigh.And lastly but certainly not to be forgotten...The Pedicure This Week.  Crazy Dee had given me a gift certificate for Christmas but why would I need one in the winter when my tootsies are under the wraps of my woolen sockies?  My waiting was almost my undoing as I noticed that it expired on Thursday, the day I had planned to go!  Ah, Providence!   Needless to say, relaxing in the massage chair with my favorite read of the moment, watching my feet transform into summer sandalage, looking forward to lunch out with Hubby then heading for supper with ES and LL....Well, need I say more......

On to the New Week!!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Simple Sewing Saturdays Volume 3

Today on Simple Sewing Saturdays, we shall go through the very basic steps of making a handle for a bag.  Handles are crucial to the comfort and practicality of the perfect purse.  I have skinny shoulders and rounded, too thick handles have relegated more than one purse to the closet.  Since my venture in Purse/Bag/Tote making, I have found that handles length, breadth and comfort is essential.  So off we go to get the basics, the foundations so that future adjustments in your own personal Handle Enjoyment can be explored and created.
To begin, I cut a generous width, usually 5 inches.  Please always cut the selvages from your fabric. Even though it's tempting to have such a lovely straight edge, it keeps the fabric from it's weaves propensity.  It will keep fabric too rigid.  So trim it.  Now.An Iron is a sewist's best friend.  You simply cannot sew well without it.  Press the 5 (or so) inch by however long you want your bag minus 4 inches, well.  Turn up 1/4 inch on both sides. The space between the folded edges will be interfaced for durability.  I like to use fusible fleece; soft and forms well.  Big Secret:  I like to use my odds and ends of interfacing scraps here.  Just make sure you cut pieces that don't overlap much; you could have too bumpy of a strap.  Fuse well.  Turn the handle over and press on the other side for real adhesion.When you get to the two short ends, press up 1/4 inch on these as well.  Open the ends and fold inward so you have a nice edge.  Fold in half lengthwise the entire handle.  Press well, matching the ends neatly. Beginning on a short end, sew 1/4 inch from the edge, all around, making sure that no wrinkles or bumps form. Press again once it is stitched all around.Now you have the handle sewn and here's where funkiness, personalization, fun stuff starts.  Pictured are mere examples of the options of attaching a handle to the body of a bag.  I like to use discarded belt rings.  I buy every woven belt at every garage sale and Goodwill, thrift store that I find, provided it cost .25.  Or less.  I remove the d-rings, 0-rings and whatever fun piece of metal I can find from these items.  Hubby seeks out plumbing and electrical supply aisle at Lowe's to aid in my search for an unique handle attachment.  Or you can easily and cleanly attach the handle to the the bag; between the lining and the outer bag.  Either way, securely, with good thread and a myriad of stitching to hold up the heaviest of purses.  A new thing I like lately is the big plastic (looking like metal but without the weight) grommets that are used on curtain applications...Makes for a new, lightweight look...
Thus ends our foray into Your Handle for Your Purse 101.
Stay tuned next time for more Simple Sewing Tips!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Introducing: Cletus the Fetus

Do you know this character? Some of you know him as Baby Girl's Hubby. He has been mentioned in this blog before as The Hairy Beast.

Some know him as Landon.

In this particular shot, he is known as Guido, my gardener.

Don't let the wearing of his wife's garden hat fool you; he is no sissy.

This very morning, he took on my forsythia, a yellow beast of a plant, that had gone half dead after a miserable showing this spring.

Of course, I had to serve him breakfast under the pergola, overlooking the garden arrangement that he designed and put in for me years ago.

I let him practice some of his landscaping techniques on me, even the first garden path, back in the day of high school when he owned his own landscaping business.

This young man has accomplished much in his twenty three years on this sod.

Leader in his class. Academically excelling in a Top Ten University. Breaking the mold for interning there; working with a leader ecological/environmentalist in NYC. Mission trip to Africa. Prized son and grandson and nephew and brother. Strong warrior for His Lord.

A Renaissance Man of the grandest kind.

And Baby Girl selected him to be her Life Partner in this world.

But despite all these accolades and accomplishments, he is about to embark on the most wonderful, amazing, spectacular, challenging event of his life.....

He is my newest grandchild's Daddy.

This past weekend, he and Baby Girl flew down the highway from CollegeLand, to tell us, most joyfully, that they are indeed, expecting their first child in December.

And Grammy is very, very, very, very, very, very, very happy.......

(Ed. Note:  I wrote this post on April 18th, the day after we were told; Baby Girl had asked us to not announce it on the internet till they heard his heartbeat....Today was that day.....And Grammy is very, very, very, very, very, very, happy.......)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Walk With Me...

Dog Whisperer, Cesar Milan, says, 'A well exercised dog is a good dog.  mama's collection mama says, 'A well exercised mama is a much happier, creative and fun mama.  So it is that my two beloved canines and myself, see to it that we get at least two 45 minute walks per day.  Weather permitting.  And today I want you to go with us on our morning routine.  Our evening walk varies, but generally, the morning route stays the same.  It is off the road and suits my fresh from bed brain and beauty.  Ready?  Here we go!
First stop, around the old Dana Corporation plant.  Now sharing space with a smaller company of unknown name and also used as a warehouse for the city.  The doggies love the green space around it.  Makes for good sniffs and....she says delicately, 'Toileting Issues'....  Just past the city lot is this dandy yellow mansion that has a log cabin on the property.  Beautiful grounds and is a wonderland come snow and Christmas.  We Always stop and smell the roses.  And haven't they been lovely this late spring?  Good hard winter and some good snows.We wander down the road and pass this original log cabin of indeterminate age.  It is now abandoned and falling into disrepair, but I do so love it.  My mind drifts to it's heyday.  Family gatherings, day to day living, and just who installed the picket fence in the backyard?Came across this wonky structure lately....Not sure what it shall be?  Used lumber, visually crooked, well, just there.  Stay tuned for further developments on this randomness...There was a college in our small town long ago.  And a seminary.  But long gone.  Alas, like many other historic structures around town, gone by the flame.  So many fires here.  Abandoned codes?  Poor construction? (see previous photo) All volunteer firemen?  Makes you think.  And Our Claim to Fame:  The childhood home of esteemed astronaut, Virgil "Gus" Grissom is located a block from my home.  I sometimes picture Little Gus playing with toy planes in his front yard, staring at the skies, thinking to himself....'Someday I shall high tail it out of here as far as I can go!! '  Ah, Gus.And here is his memorial to his tragic flight.  It is located on the City Hall property.  I noticed today that our City Hall has no identifying sign.  We just always point visitors and guests to the tall statue of Gus' spaceship.  Funny.
New business in Town.  Last week, they had a special on Ball Python, 49.95 and Ferrets With Cage: 150.00.  I shall wait till next week to buy my dog food....Right next to Penny's Pet Connection:  Johnson's Bait Shop (carport)  Huge selection of all kinds of bait AND good hours; convenient for those spontaneous fishing trips.  All the signs are handmade and one on the front says, 'Nightcrawler' with an extra card with an 's' added to it.  Love it.And you may not know this, but Mitchell was a booming railroad town.  Crossroads, trains running both east/west, north/south.  Along the street that is pictured, were the Shotgun homes, the bordellos and the transient hotels.  When I walk by there on a cold winter evening, I swear I can hear the laughter of past, rowdy times.  People in transition and wandering....We have an abundance of local artists, poets, musicians.  Years ago, two local high school students painted this mural.  I love it.Headed Downtown.  Scout the Mixed Breed loves the opportunity to greet people and chase birds on this street.  My favorite favorite!  Our Carnegie Library!  Thanks Andrew!!You cannot, cannot leave Mitchell without tasting Persimmon Pudding.  Pictured is the Famed Library Persimmon Tree.  I have gathered many a persimmon from it's bountiful limbs.  Of course, you only eat persimmons when they have fallen.  They aren't ripe until they fall you know.Well, well.  Look at this lovely home.  What say we stop here and have some breakfast and start our day?  Bet the owner is a hospitable sort.  Maybe we can sit on her porch and watch the Amish ride by.  Maybe she might serve us sweet tea or Italian sodas....Maybe......

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Spontaneous Purseage

Spontaneous Purseage: Unknown origin; Phraseology used to describe sudden, irresistible urges to design and create a gift purse, not ordered or even expected; just simply a desire to gift those we love.  Usually comes in unusual forms and out of ordinary design.  No protocol required; design as you go with fabric on hand; nothing purchased for the project.  Fun as Saturday.  Good stuff.

As you know from other posts, I have an extraordinary Daughter In Law, Lovely Wife.  She has many endearing attributes, but one of my favorites is our passion for all things chocolate.  And that we share a November birthday.  And that she loves Eldest Son unabashedly.  And that she loves my purses and giggles like a little girl when I gift her with one.  She will pet it and caress it and look forward to The Changing of the Purse. (Don't you love it, Ladies, when we get a new purse and the time comes to Make the Upgrade?  Men could not possibly understand the joy that comes from that process.  Akin to opening a new box of shoes....)
So knowing that we would we feting ES in all his birthday splendor, I felt compelled to bring Lovely Wife a new Summer Purse.
Some Amy Butler Scraps from The 2G's Mama's Summer Bag, an old American Eagle belt for the handle and a smattering of vintage buttons, and a lining from the vintage gingham from Pauline's Autumn Auction.  I smiled while I sewed, picturing LW carrying this fun, whimsical bag around.  (I was also grinning because I was listening to Garrison Keillor's 'Pontoon' on audio book while I was sewing.  Hysterical.  Of course.)

As expected, Lovely Wife Loved The Bag.
She loved all the appropriately sized pockets and the silly handle.  She loved the fabric and the size.  And I loved it that she loved it.

Spontaneous Purseage.  Never know when it will hit.  Will you be next??

Monday, May 17, 2010

Labor Cake Recipe

After a wonderful Birthday Visit with Eldest Son this past weekend, I had a chance to reflect more on the actual labor and delivery of his birth.  And one thing stands out:  Labor Cake.  Otherwise known as Hot Fudge Sundae Dessert.
ES was born on a Saturday morning, but long before that, early on the previous Friday, Things Were Getting Obvious.
I was restless.  And Quite Overdue.  I had had an amniocentesis on April 25 that clearly told us all that his tiny lungs were not ready for the light of day.  He needed to stay put a while longer.  And longer he did.  He rested very still (and scarily) for the rest of his duration.
It was tradition in those long ago days, that my friends would come over to watch 'Dallas' on Friday evening.  Of course.  The LOST of our time.  And we would take turns bringing a dessert.  Not even imminent childbirth would cancel our Girl's Night so even though, notice was given that a Restless, Overdue, Larger than Large Mama to Be was in the house, we would meet as usual.  Creative Carol of Springfield agreed to bring a delightful dessert and if I promised not to give birth during 'Dallas', then she and Childhood Friend would come and help me eat the Hot Fudge Sundae Dessert.
As the long Friday wore on and Hubby left on his second shift at the factory, 'things' were just not right.  The very still baby started to contract and contract and my restlessness and fatigue kicked in.  Still I did not cancel.  It was Dallas and it was Ice Cream Cake.  And Girl's Night.
So they arrived and each commented on how immensely huge I was.  And Low.  And weary looking.
We ate our dinner and decided to wait a bit to eat The Cake.
In the meantime, I rolled on the floor while they laughed.
I silently went upstairs to lie down.
They would check on me from time to time, nervously threatening to call The Hubby.  With closed eyes and concentrated mind, I would manage, 'Not Yet.'
Then we ate cake.
Then I regretted it.
Then they called The Hubby.  And the parents so they could watch Eldest/Admin.
And after The Cake was put back in the freezer, the Vastly Laboring Young Mama seated in her red 1978 Fairmont Station Wagon pointed toward the hospital, EA safely in the care of her grandparents, did the Anxious/Friend/Dallas Fans breathe.  I told Hubby as we pulled out of the driveway that I swore I saw the house take a deep breath.  Probably did.  After all, I was a C section and not a 'normal' delivery.  They had reason to be a bit unnerved.
When I entered the maternity ward, the nurse asked me how long it had been since I had eaten.  I grinned and told her about two  hours.  Then she asked what I had.  And I reported The Very Yummy Hot Fudge Sundae Dessert.  And all in the labor room groaned and said, Why Didn't You Bring Us Some?  And Have you Considered Renaming It To Labor Cake?  And I did and we did.
To this day, when I make this very delicious dessert, it is heretofore referred to as Labor Cake.
And I want to share it with you:

Labor Cake:

1/4 oz German Sweet Choc Bar
2/3 c. sugar
1 small can evaporated milk
1/2 c butter
1/8 tsp salt
Boil 4 minutes.  let cool.
24 Oreo Cookies (crushed)
1/4 melted butter
Mix and press in 9X13 pan.  Freeze 15 minutes
1/2 gallon Vanilla Ice Cream - leave at room temp. 15 minutes before slicing into 6 slices.  Spread over cookie mixture
Cover ice cream mixture with fudge sauce -- freeze 30 minutes---top with 4 oz Cool Whip and chopped nuts---- freeze 24 hours----Set out 10 minutes before serving.....Drive to Hospital.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Twenty Nine Years

In the State Journal and Register of Springfield Illinois end of the year wrap up in 1981, it stated the the best day of the year was May 16th. A rather tongue in cheek award for the horrible flooding that ravaged the area.  Record breaking rain and storms. But for Hubby and I, we were savoring the day, for our second child, our first son was born in the quiet of that rainy, rainy day.  The precipitation kept visitors at bay so the maternity/surgical area was restful and silent.  Despite the fact that multiple births happened that day due to the crazy barometric pressure that came with the weather change.  Seems like every pregnant woman due around that time, went into labor.  My non emergency Cesarean, kept getting bumped on into the dawn, after my arrival at the hospital at midnight.  We didn't mind.  We enjoyed silence and the time alone before the craziness of becoming a family of four started to become a reality.
Eldest Son entered this world as he became.  He was a quiet, easy baby.  He loved to sleep as he does to this day.  He was accommodating, flexible, loving and adorable.  Still is.    
Eldest Son was the perfect first son.  He must have read the manual on Being Boy.  He made all the noises of cars, animals, trucks and Super Heroes.  ES could step into fantasy and pretend better than anyone I have ever known.  His rich imagination kept us all entertained and his own brilliant mind engaged for hours.  He was a Lego master, a dinosaur expert and a Transformer Collector.  His collection of Super Heroes was second to none.  He was a perfect addition to our First Born Super Girly Caregiver Daughter.  Eldest/Admin cared for her little brother like an expert.  She knew his answers before he gave them.  And she was always right.  He called her Nannon and when he would call 'Mommy', sometimes I knew that he meant his 'other mother'.....It was a close, dear friendship that continues today...Good, good buddies.....

Just because he was a he, I was not going to keep that from sewing for the little guy.  Pictured is my first sewing attempt for him.  His sailor suit for his first birthday.  Blue linen with middy braid to make it official.  My dear neighbor/mentor, would watch him and his sister while I sewed on it and she helped me with the buttonholes.  I think of her every time I see this photo.  All new moms need a mentor/helper/teacher in their time as a Young Mommy.....For his second birthday, I made a seersucker suit, with a collarless jacket and suspender shorts to go with.  Adorable.
Eldest Son and I had a paper route that began his freshman year in high school and finished the week he graduated.  Every morning, except Christmas, we were up at 4am to deliver the daily paper.  The times we spent that daily hour and half was instrumental  in our relationship.  We discussed everything in those wee hours, uninterrupted by the world except by the running back and forth throwing and placing carefully, the papers of our craft.  We battled the elements, discussed politics, sex, marriage, peers, family issues, and the occasional naked man on the route.  Walking over drunks sometimes happened as well.  Great discussion starters. He would reluctantly help me cart of furniture from the garbage of some ill informed former owner.  Some of my best deals were scored before the break of Garbage Day.  And he would help me cart it.  On Sundays, we would go to the back door of the the donut shop to collect the day old donuts for our church in the inner city.   The two of us in our layered, winter early morning gear, was a great sight.  Especially as ES noshed on one of the second hand donuts on the way home.  Good Times.  One of the most endearing qualities of This Young Man was he determination to do the Right Thing.  He has strong convictions that sometimes brought on conflicts with popular thought.  But he has an iron will and and he would persevere on, no matter how difficult it was.  Strong convictions can make for some pretty lonely times, but he stood the course.  ES had some very specific requirements about his spouse.  And he persevered till they all arrived in one Beautiful Package that is Lovely Wife.  Very Worth Waiting For.  She even became a Cubs/Illini Fan for Her Hubby...Near Perfect, eh?     During a particularly bad time for him, after we moved to our new location and he moved from everything familiar at a crucial stage in his life, we had lunch together on his 19th birthday.  He shared the miserable stage of his life and I remembered promising him, that if he continued on the path that the Lord had for him, things would be worth it all.  That the life that God had planned for him would far exceed anything that he could do on his own.  That walking closely to His Lord would lead him to a place that he would forget the current misery.  And on the day of his wedding, while we danced the Mother /Son Dance, I asked him, this man before me, if he was a happy boy, and the smile that had not left him the whole day, broadened and he seemed to remembered that long ago conversation, and nodded, and said with great confidence, 'Yes.  I am a very happy boy.'
And with that, my mama's heart was full as I handed over to his completer, a man of integrity.  My mama's job done.  A journey completed, boy into man.  So on this anniversary of his 29 years on this earth, I thank God for His presence in this wonderful man's life. Thank you, Lord........

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Of Peonies and Pennants

If there was one flower that I wish bloomed all summer, it would be The full, pleasantly raggedy, fragrant, colorful peony.  Wonderful, wonderful large scale bouquets are created with this wondrous plant.  I will have to ask God if I am as impudent in heaven as I am here, Why Do These Majestically Huge Blossoms Have Such Long Thin Stems?  Summer Thunderstorms beat the heck out of them and shorten their already short lifespan. Never no mind. I scurry outside after a storm to gather the fallen blossoms and bring them inside into the large vases that I bought just for them.  I always feel like a successful gardener when I have lots of them scattered around my tables in all my rooms.And I believe there is a Birthday Boy in need of a mama's collection Birthday Pennant, right?  Woohoo...Twenty Nine Big Old Years Young....Cannot wait to share his day with him and Lovely Wife this weekend....More on the Festivities Later......

Big Old Storm yesterday brought in several bunches of My Favorite Cutting Flower....Just feel like a better homemaker when I have these in my house....Weird, right?
Of course.

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