Thursday, May 27, 2010


Let's just say, for instance, that you are planning a vacation.  You're thinking Italy, New Zealand, Maine, West Coast.....You really can't decide.  Well, let me help you out a bit. Of Course, as a Former Agoraphobic, my range is decidedly small.  But what I lack in travel experience, I do understand, as a Previous Home bound Personage, I do know what makes a home.  You might say I'm a professional on the subject.  Self Proclaimed, mind you.
So here's the deal. If your other dramatic and I'm sure very interesting international travels fall through, I have a back up:  Candle Light Inn in Bedford Indiana.  A gem in the midst in the beautiful rolling hills of Southern Indiana.  My Garden Exchange Ladies traveled northerly in the county to take advantage of the Inn's proprietor's offer to host last Monday night.  A delight, to be sure.  The Inn itself was restored to it's former glory six years ago, with careful attention to restoration and updating to our 21rst century needs.  A lovely blend of both.  We enjoyed hearing the history of this 1913 Craftsman and the amazing details involved in the restoration.  Here are a smattering of the group of 15 that joined us that evening. The Inn's broad porches just pleaded with us to come and sit a spell.  The scenery was restful and abundant in scope.  In other words, this normally bustling bunch of gardeners, just sat and was content to just be.  Well, except for one.  She packed her knitting, as most knitters do, for the down time to pick up some stitch time.  A few attendees brought gardening magazines to share so we perused them as well.  And after abundant and very delicious refreshments inside the Inn, we toured the nearby landscaping.Gotta admit, I did feel sorry for these two.  Poor little puckering expectations.  So close, yet so far......

The invitation is set out there.  Intrigued by the remoteness of our rural area, consider Candle Light Inn as a means to the real destination.......ME!! :D

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