Thursday, May 13, 2010

Of Peonies and Pennants

If there was one flower that I wish bloomed all summer, it would be The full, pleasantly raggedy, fragrant, colorful peony.  Wonderful, wonderful large scale bouquets are created with this wondrous plant.  I will have to ask God if I am as impudent in heaven as I am here, Why Do These Majestically Huge Blossoms Have Such Long Thin Stems?  Summer Thunderstorms beat the heck out of them and shorten their already short lifespan. Never no mind. I scurry outside after a storm to gather the fallen blossoms and bring them inside into the large vases that I bought just for them.  I always feel like a successful gardener when I have lots of them scattered around my tables in all my rooms.And I believe there is a Birthday Boy in need of a mama's collection Birthday Pennant, right?  Woohoo...Twenty Nine Big Old Years Young....Cannot wait to share his day with him and Lovely Wife this weekend....More on the Festivities Later......

Big Old Storm yesterday brought in several bunches of My Favorite Cutting Flower....Just feel like a better homemaker when I have these in my house....Weird, right?
Of course.

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