Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Spontaneous Purseage

Spontaneous Purseage: Unknown origin; Phraseology used to describe sudden, irresistible urges to design and create a gift purse, not ordered or even expected; just simply a desire to gift those we love.  Usually comes in unusual forms and out of ordinary design.  No protocol required; design as you go with fabric on hand; nothing purchased for the project.  Fun as Saturday.  Good stuff.

As you know from other posts, I have an extraordinary Daughter In Law, Lovely Wife.  She has many endearing attributes, but one of my favorites is our passion for all things chocolate.  And that we share a November birthday.  And that she loves Eldest Son unabashedly.  And that she loves my purses and giggles like a little girl when I gift her with one.  She will pet it and caress it and look forward to The Changing of the Purse. (Don't you love it, Ladies, when we get a new purse and the time comes to Make the Upgrade?  Men could not possibly understand the joy that comes from that process.  Akin to opening a new box of shoes....)
So knowing that we would we feting ES in all his birthday splendor, I felt compelled to bring Lovely Wife a new Summer Purse.
Some Amy Butler Scraps from The 2G's Mama's Summer Bag, an old American Eagle belt for the handle and a smattering of vintage buttons, and a lining from the vintage gingham from Pauline's Autumn Auction.  I smiled while I sewed, picturing LW carrying this fun, whimsical bag around.  (I was also grinning because I was listening to Garrison Keillor's 'Pontoon' on audio book while I was sewing.  Hysterical.  Of course.)

As expected, Lovely Wife Loved The Bag.
She loved all the appropriately sized pockets and the silly handle.  She loved the fabric and the size.  And I loved it that she loved it.

Spontaneous Purseage.  Never know when it will hit.  Will you be next??


  1. LOVE IT :) It's perfect! I will always be the glad recipient of a spontaneous Mama's Collection purse!

  2. ok, that's one of my favorites.great fabric....lucky girl. :)


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