Monday, May 3, 2010

Gardening Gail and The Gardening Exchange Adventure

On my ongoing quest to experience the flora of Southern Indiana, I, many years ago, casually 'joined' our local Gardening Exchange. I say 'casual' because I rarely have been able to attend two meetings in a row. I say 'joined' because this gathering is the furthest thing of a club that is available. It is a random group of ladies from around the county, bent on learning and teaching about all things green.
We take turns, without a schedule, only benefit of a weekly email notice, about the current hostess for the week.
We take tours of the hostesses garden, allowing her to showcase her current blooms and workable tips. We bring the abundance that we have to share and watch the most appreciative 'guests' divvy up the donated goodness. If we had a 'leader' or 'president' of the Gleeful Gathering, I would say it was Gardening Gail. She is Gardener Extraordinaire. Knows about every flower we could challenge her with. And most of the Latin names. And the classification. And their unique flowery needs. The photos from this post are from the evening she hosted. Always a treat.
The photo above displays a shade extravaganza. Lilies of the Valley in all their splendor with a wonderful trillium interspersed throughout. Dee-lightful!!
Of course, there were so many new flowers to me, I couldn't remember all of them, but this sweet thing was just wonderful...wish I could think of it's name....Beautiful...

Can't wait for this little beauty to grow up! Perfect white petals. Gardening Gail lives on a very busy (for Mitchell) corner and it's always a joy to see her latest floral displays.

Here is Gardening Gail using her cane for the hillside climb and as a convenient pointer. She recently had some large trees removed so the light will be altered and some plants will be moved. And she'll probably do most of it herself. GG is an octogenarian with spunk and busyness aplenty. Talent dripping out of her very apt fingertips.

And to prove it, when we had Refreshment Time (which is required) I stared at this Amazing Quilt that she had on her wall in her living room. Unbelievable far away and up close. GG teaches most of the quilting classes that happen in and around Mitchell. She is a Master Gardener and can be found at the local Farmer's Market, helping others in their quest for a Green Thumb and sometimes selling her very well made, artistic bags and purses.
And you thought you were just going to retire to an easy chair.
Don't you just love it?

(Editor's Note: GG has informed me that she is not a certified Master Gardener. I apologize for the error: Also, The unknown beautiful plant is a Hellebore (Orientalus) or commonly known as a Lenten/Christmas Rose.)

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  1. Love this post! Gardening Gail is one of my most favorite Mitchellites! Love her beautiful flowers and her lovely quilts! She is one talented lady for sure!


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