Sunday, May 2, 2010

Two Meals: Two Days: One Effort

Sunday Lunch.
What is your pleasure?
Some like to take Sabbath Rest seriously and go out to eat.
Which works well with Hubby and I due to our Church Commute on Sundays.
But this week, mama was a bit under the weather and I stayed in under the covers while Hubby
bore the weight of our spirituality on his own broad shoulders.
Waking up dearly late, I quickly walked only one dog so that I could dodge the rain and get my lazy (but feeling much better, thank you) self together before the Hubby returned.

I do some of my best thinking/praying while out walking the canines. My mind feels neutralized and naturalized and the brain is oxygenated for some creative processes.
Today, I wanted to come up with an interesting lunch for the Hubby, helping him refresh after his solo trip to church. We so enjoy our Church Commute. Good time for conversation, crocheting (me silly, someone has to drive!) and updating our separate lives after a week of busyness. Especially when overtime interrupts our usual down time. So this is what I came up with :
Toasted Chicken and Melted Cheese Sandwiches with Sauteed Mushrooms and Onions.
Spinach Salad with Strawberries and Pecans with Granny Smith Apples.
Oh My.
But in order to get here, we have to visit last night's meal:
Italian Chicken with Aforementioned Spinach Salad, Baked Yams with brown sugar, pecans and cinnamon.
What about the colors in this meal?
An Antioxidant Delight! Vitamin A and C are tripping over themselves in this easy, easy supper!
Oxalic Acid in it's usual small doses are doing their thing not to mention the heart healthy nuts and glorious sweet potatoes!
Boneless, skinless chicken breast rolled in butter then covered in Italian Bread Crumbs, parsley, paprika, garlic salt and Parmesan and Romano Cheeses. Cook on high in microwave for 10 minutes. Then place in preheated (375 degrees) oven to finish off the cooking/browning. 1/2 cup of white wine added to steam it well, with 6 oz of mozzarella cheese as a topping. Chopped green onions could be added as well. Bake till somewhat browned and cheese is melted.
Easy as pie.
Which would be good too.
But we had Angel Food Cake with Strawberries.

All told, maybe 1/2 hour for the Saturday meal preparation, then about 15 minutes for the Sunday Sandwich.

Faster than Fast Food on Friday!

Good Eating!

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