Thursday, May 27, 2010

Memorial Day Blackout

I believe that my house can be seen, at night, on Google Earth.
I know this for several reasons:
  1. Kindred Spirits Friend nicknamed me, "Our Lady of the Lights".
  2. When we moved in to our new area, I was oft times identified as 'Oh, you're the lady that has the house with all the lights on!"
  3. The profusion of lamps that I have managed to collect.
  4. My electric bill.
Seriously, I have an aversion to walking into dark rooms.  It began when my children were small and Lego's and Barbie shoes sometime escaped the nightly pick up.  I'm sure some of you are nodding and remembering clearly the night you stepped on one of those wonderful Danish designed toys, barefooted.  It probably parallels with the night that you taught your Lego Fan Child his/her first swear word.  Pretty sure.

All this to say, Darkness Shall Soon Fall Upon My House.
Electrician/Eldest/Son shall be giving us an Electrical Upgrade In Lieu of College Tuition.  Plus Change.
Seriously.  The small  amperage that this rather large house has, is pretty embarrassing.  And dangerous.
Needless to say, EES gets the Heebie Jeebies everytime he wanders in our basement and views our archaic fuse situation.   I can find him in the basement, head shaking, hands on his hips, knowing that his immediate prayer for his aging parents, is to be able to run fast out of the house in case of fire.

So with a long Memorial Day weekend ahead of us, EES scheduled us for the update.
Friday morning, we have our meter pulled and the lights go out on 8th Street.
And I, fortunato that I am, shall be scurried away to the Brilliance of Vivieland where lights shine brightly always with or without the aid of Thomas Alva.
Eldest/Admin and Wonderful Man and Their Delightful Daughter came earlier this week to help with the adjustment of  nonelectricalness and to abscond me to the Fun of Cincinnati.

Worry not, Dear Mitchellites!  Barring The Hubby forgetting to pay our electric bill, the Lights on 8th Street shall beam again once EES restores us safely.
The Blogging Lights shall reappear perhaps next week, albeit without photo enhancement.

Thank you, Dear Readers, for the Wonderful Light you do bring me each day....
Have a Wonderful Memorial Day!

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  1. Congrats on winning the giveaway at Lola Nova's. Love your blog. I'll be back.


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