Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Walk With Me...

Dog Whisperer, Cesar Milan, says, 'A well exercised dog is a good dog.  mama's collection mama says, 'A well exercised mama is a much happier, creative and fun mama.  So it is that my two beloved canines and myself, see to it that we get at least two 45 minute walks per day.  Weather permitting.  And today I want you to go with us on our morning routine.  Our evening walk varies, but generally, the morning route stays the same.  It is off the road and suits my fresh from bed brain and beauty.  Ready?  Here we go!
First stop, around the old Dana Corporation plant.  Now sharing space with a smaller company of unknown name and also used as a warehouse for the city.  The doggies love the green space around it.  Makes for good sniffs and....she says delicately, 'Toileting Issues'....  Just past the city lot is this dandy yellow mansion that has a log cabin on the property.  Beautiful grounds and is a wonderland come snow and Christmas.  We Always stop and smell the roses.  And haven't they been lovely this late spring?  Good hard winter and some good snows.We wander down the road and pass this original log cabin of indeterminate age.  It is now abandoned and falling into disrepair, but I do so love it.  My mind drifts to it's heyday.  Family gatherings, day to day living, and just who installed the picket fence in the backyard?Came across this wonky structure lately....Not sure what it shall be?  Used lumber, visually crooked, well, just there.  Stay tuned for further developments on this randomness...There was a college in our small town long ago.  And a seminary.  But long gone.  Alas, like many other historic structures around town, gone by the flame.  So many fires here.  Abandoned codes?  Poor construction? (see previous photo) All volunteer firemen?  Makes you think.  And Our Claim to Fame:  The childhood home of esteemed astronaut, Virgil "Gus" Grissom is located a block from my home.  I sometimes picture Little Gus playing with toy planes in his front yard, staring at the skies, thinking to himself....'Someday I shall high tail it out of here as far as I can go!! '  Ah, Gus.And here is his memorial to his tragic flight.  It is located on the City Hall property.  I noticed today that our City Hall has no identifying sign.  We just always point visitors and guests to the tall statue of Gus' spaceship.  Funny.
New business in Town.  Last week, they had a special on Ball Python, 49.95 and Ferrets With Cage: 150.00.  I shall wait till next week to buy my dog food....Right next to Penny's Pet Connection:  Johnson's Bait Shop (carport)  Huge selection of all kinds of bait AND good hours; convenient for those spontaneous fishing trips.  All the signs are handmade and one on the front says, 'Nightcrawler' with an extra card with an 's' added to it.  Love it.And you may not know this, but Mitchell was a booming railroad town.  Crossroads, trains running both east/west, north/south.  Along the street that is pictured, were the Shotgun homes, the bordellos and the transient hotels.  When I walk by there on a cold winter evening, I swear I can hear the laughter of past, rowdy times.  People in transition and wandering....We have an abundance of local artists, poets, musicians.  Years ago, two local high school students painted this mural.  I love it.Headed Downtown.  Scout the Mixed Breed loves the opportunity to greet people and chase birds on this street.  My favorite favorite!  Our Carnegie Library!  Thanks Andrew!!You cannot, cannot leave Mitchell without tasting Persimmon Pudding.  Pictured is the Famed Library Persimmon Tree.  I have gathered many a persimmon from it's bountiful limbs.  Of course, you only eat persimmons when they have fallen.  They aren't ripe until they fall you know.Well, well.  Look at this lovely home.  What say we stop here and have some breakfast and start our day?  Bet the owner is a hospitable sort.  Maybe we can sit on her porch and watch the Amish ride by.  Maybe she might serve us sweet tea or Italian sodas....Maybe......

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  1. Jeff Routh, Mitchell's local historian, tells about how the "businessmen" of the day fought the rebuilding of the college and seminary...bad for the kind of "business" they were involved in, don't you know... I have imagined at times what Mitchell might have been like had those institutions been rebuilt...


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