Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Of Lettuce and Lunch

Really had nothing obvious for lunch.  The one leftover was just a bit too Left Over.  Groceries have been intentionally diminishing due to the Big Electrical Update this coming weekend.  Didn't want to overload Youngest Son's Cottage Refrigerator. So we are literally tried to eat through our fridge before the Big Four Day No Electricity Extravaganza This Weekend.

Started to explore the pantry. (Remember the Makeover on this Neglected Area this past Winter?  I still like to look at it and admire my handiwork.  End of Life Query:  'So Mrs. Cory, exactly what was your lifetime's most prized accomplishment?'  With my last labored breath, I summon the strength to eke out the words, 'Well, there was that one winter that I re lined and re organized and cleaned my pantry.....') 
Anyway. :D
The pantry did not look hopeful.  Soup?  Really?  In this heat/humidity?
Then I saw the albacore tuna that I purchased recently and the Lunch Ball got rolling.....
Got out my favorite Elk Bowl.  Only I get to use this.  Everyone knows this.
I drained the can of tuna, making sure I left enough in the can for Stella the White Cat to lick the remains.  She was ever so happy.
I added the rest of the pickle relish. (yes!  Another thing used up from the Ice Box!) Oh Dear! No mayo opened!  Do Not want to open another.  (See beginning of post).  Grabbed my Lite poppy seed salad dressing.  Added some dried onion.  And celery seed.  And tossed it all merrily together.
Oh, I didn't I see in the pantry some of those Rosemary and Olive Oil Triscuit crackers?  And I must get rid of the cottage cheese as well.
Then I saw it.
My most favorite new invention (to me) and the Best New Product Award (from me):
Living Lettuce!
I saw it at our wonderful co op not too long ago,, but then I would expect it of them.  But two weeks ago, I saw at my local grocery, not known for it's producial assortment.  Small town, you know.  And there it sat.  I used some Sunday night with extraordinary impression. Now, Two Days Later, it still was living up to it's freshness promise.
You must check this out!
Then ask your Produce Manager to stock this wondrous product!  The bib lettuce was a great complement to the Tuna Spontaneous Salad.  Fresh, and still fed from the special recyclable, watered root system packaging.  Amazing.

Don't I get excited about the strangest things?


  1. We get this lettuce all the time, it's great!

  2. Expected in Cincinnati....Those of us in the small, teeny, rural areas of Southern Indiana, are the last to know about everything....!!!

  3. Okay, it's a bit much Ms. Martha Stewart! Here I sit hot and sweaty after mowing my lawn in the heat (It had to be done as I'm leaving tomorrow for vacation and it's going to rain tonight) and then coming in and wiping the crud from my soaking oven. My lunch? Much less creative. I'm eating sliced raw cauliflower and an apple. While healthy, it's nowhere as appetizing as the lunch pic you gave us. I could have had a similar meal...but just didn't think of pampering myself, only of moving on speedily to the next item on my list. Clearly, I need to take the time to smell the roses...and the lettuce.

  4. Hmmmm...I just realized that I failed to mention that I had a generous slice of homemade blackberry pie for an appetizer. Perhaps I'm pampered enough...


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