Friday, August 17, 2012

A Short Story

 So often during my day, my mind will drift back to my busy, busy days of my young mamahood.  Usually, these reveries will be triggered by a text sent by one of my girls sharing bits of their busy mama days...

My mind will pick up scenarios, little pockets of memories, that will bring a smile, maybe a tear or two as I think about those times long ago....

Today, I was thinking of Baby Girl who is vastly expanding with GrandGirl # 5, her second.  BG's BG is nary two so I know that she is kept hopping.  I so remember those exhausted days when I was pregnant and chasing a toddler. 

This particular memory was one of those days.

Eldest Son was quite the pip.  (Still is.)  He had a way of winding me around his finger with his impish grin and sweet disposition.  Quiet and intense, he was a low key little boy that didn't require much. 

 Except one day. 

 I was in the last month with Youngest Son and very slow going.  ES had to go to the bathroom.  For some reason, on that day, he insisted on me going with him when for months, he had taken care of business by himself.  Our bathroom was up thirteen stairs.  Might as well have been on the moon for the mountain that it seemed like on that particular day.

ES continued to plead with me to go with him.  In exasperation, I sat on the steps while telling him, firmly, that he was a big boy and he could go upstairs by himself.  Hurry and get up there!  Don't wait till you have an accident!  Oh, the frustration that I felt with the overwhelming pregnancy exhaustion taking over my normally good nature.  Ahem.

I sat on the landing, having made it that far and in the bathroom upstairs, I could hear him whimpering while he took care of his 'paperwork'.  My mama heart collapsed in guilt and sadness as I trod up the rest of the stairs to comfort the forlorn little fella.

As we finished washing hands and wiping noses, we sat on the top step of the staircase, arms around each other, asking forgiveness for our demanding, short sighted ways.

As we wrapped up our love fest, I asked my little guy, 'Devon, why did you need me to come upstairs with you?  You've been doing this for so long now by yourself.'  His sniffly voice looked up at me with those sweet damp blue eyes and said, 'Because I need you mom.'

That was many, many years ago and I can still remember the pang in my heart to this day.

Well, that little guy has not needed his 'mommy' for many, many years now.
For over a decade, he has been on his own and sharing life with Lovely Wife for several years now.
But today, after receiving the photo from LW with this picture of ES and his little sweetie pie after playing in the rain, I again, hearkened back to my little boy who loved to play in the rain, with or without his mommy's help. (Note the boots.  And sister's broken umbrella.)Today,  Sweet Adeline was even wearing the favorite teeny Mickey Mouse sweatshirt that her daddy wore night and day for a long time....

Ah...the memories just about did me in.

What  a joy to be able to reap the harvest of bountiful memories with your children that you invested in years ago!  What peace there is when the days were lived well and full!

Look at your children squarely in their pretty little eyes tonight and let them read it in yours, that your are thankful that you are their mama....

*love, you sweeties!*


  1. John just went back to Illinois yesterday. You're Killin' me woman. And how I remember those sweet faces of your young'uns!

  2. :*)!!!!! Such a great reminder to enjoy these days in full.


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