Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Specs

It has nothing to do with the fact that I recently purchased new glasses. Or that my close up vision needed some sharpening. Or that my old frames were slightly dated. Or that my hubby was reading street signs to me. Oh no. New Specs has a whole new meaning.

It is a New Year.
New Decade.
Headed toward the point of no return in turns of mortality.

It is, indeed, my friends, time to see things clearly, correctly and honestly.

That said, here is my hopes for Seeing Things More Clearly:

* I want to be more objective yet holding fast to absolutes
* I want to seek and see the God given attributes in each person
* I want to see others as Christ sees them
* I want to steer away for judgments and criticism. Wastes my time for I never have the whole story or viewpoint
* I want to listen more than I talk
* Motives for actions are not mine to judge. Nor will I ever, quite possibly, know about them. Leave this up to God
* I want to be more aware of this planet we live on; being careful in my usage of it and all it's gifts
* And in doing all this, may the credit and glory for it go to the One who makes it possible in this feeble vessel that I call me
* And may others be blessed by my being here on this planet

A most gracious, loving, peaceful New Year's be yours.....

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Did Vivie love her grammy-made owl?
You bet!
The crinkly paper idea from another blogger along with soft stuffing and the added attraction of having grammy's old sweater utilized as well, made for a grand companion for a long trip to her papa's home town.
This owl has a brother as well, but I'm not sure he's been unwrapped yet, so we must wait to meet him.

Eldest/Admin Daughter kept me a busy with three orders for her in laws this year!
She had sent out a Purse Needs Survey that I made for each sister in law and her mother in law, this fall.
It was easy to configure a bag for each of them with the help of that handy dandy tool.
If you would like me to send you such a survey for Future Purse Needs from mama's collection, leave a comment....
This tote is for Karyn, an Avon lady/school secretary. Plenty of pockets to handle that(those) job(s).

This pretty pink and brown creation was for Martha....(the real purse is not as blurry as the bad photographer!)
She's having shoulder surgery on Jan 10th, so I left out some of the heavier weights I usually put in the shoulder strap connections and flap....Hope your surgery goes well, Martha....I'll be praying....

And this springy number is Beth's....Favorite color: blue, zippered pockets requested and outer pockets...
See how easy that is??

Back to the sewing room....
Someone's birthay is coming and I'm told that most years, having a January 6th birthday, someone tends to get overlooked......
Let's make a big statement this year......:D

Monday, December 28, 2009


As you can see, even in Southern Indiana, a cold snap can come in an roost for a few days. How cold is it? It is Dog-Needs-the-Hated-Coat cold.
Dixie hates her 'get up' but sadly, she hasn't enough doggy hair to insulate her for the long walks that her hyperness requires. Thus the coat. Thus the attitude. Generally, half way into the frigid walk, she demands that I remove it. It usually happens after a stray dog walks by and snickers.
Can't blame her.

Because of the aforementioned cold snap, a pot of soup simmering is a must. Especially when you have a dandy new french oven in sparkling red, courtesy of my generous friend, Crazy Dee.
Soup, even Mustgo, tastes better in a schwanky pot.
(Mustgo is a rare combination of leftover soupy type foods in the fridge, post holidays....Always one of a kind, always kinda yummy in a strange kinda way.

And here's a treat!
Always good to do archeological digs in ones own home.
Whilst installing my new dishwasher...(another government rebate incentive for hubby to pump the economy!) I got a chance to ooh and ahh over my 90 year old kitchen wallpaper hidden from sight....
The treasure of an old home is trying to guess just what the original looked like. When you get hints like this, it's eureka time. I had come across samples of this wallpaper on other improvement escavations, but behind the dishwasher is the clearest and most full example.
Can't you just picture the joy at the homeowner in 1919 picking out her first kitchen wall covering for her brand new home?
How many rearrangements have taken place in the past 90 years? Makes a girl think...

The tree is down, the dishwasher is in, New Year plans are being finalized and the new decade fast approaches.....
Thank you 2009....

Sunday, December 27, 2009

What's Been Going On?

What a time.
What a gift.
And reflection.
Time spent well, without too much effort and much joy.
A lot of relaxing has taken place since December 25.
Let's look around at the high points. (Warning: Type A could have a problem with the following photos; A sincere lack of agendas or purpose involved in these highly unscheduled photographs. You've been warned.)

Now here is an exciting new Christmas Tradition coming to fruition: a forced (the most scheduled you'll see) narcissus, making it's blooming event Christmas week. A lovely addition to holiday festivities.

Nothing more satisfying to me than watching Hubby enjoying himself (when he's winning :D) playing games with the 'children'...Whether they be 8 or 28, he loves it and I love hearing them banter back and forth and whoop it up over a great play...
More soul food....

Clearly, this relaxed holiday celebration became contagious.
Here is Lovely Wife curled up, all cozy and comfy with a good book and her faithful companion puppy. We do get wild around here.

And what would Christmas be without a huge batch of cinnamon rolls? Throughout my reign as Chief Cinnamon Roll Baker, I have tried many a recipe. I proclaimed a recent recipe out of a Sunday paper, my all time favorite. Time consuming, but oh so worth it. I likes me a good good cinnamon roll....mmmmmmm

Then The Payoff.
After many, many years of hectic Christmas Mornings.
With lots of preparation and care to meet the needs (and wants!) of our lovely children, we find ourselves this year, on our own.
And it was very nice, thank you.
Getting up slowly, wishing each other a Merry Christmas, seeing to our own breakfast needs, preparing for the day by stoking a grand fire and getting the right book to perch near the fireplace with, the day of reflection and slower pace begins and it carries us through the days of sharing our home and hearts with all that we love and care about.....
Those that are away from us continue on into our thoughts and prayers and best wishes

So that was it..
Much to share, craft wise, now that the reveal has occured...
Counting down to the new decade with fresh thoughts, good outlooks and much anticipation...
Can't wait to share it all with you....

Thursday, December 24, 2009

A Christmas Story

Thirty one years ago this Christmas season, my life looked pretty overwhelming.
Two months before the holiday season, I was told by my daughter's orthopedic surgeon, that there was a very good chance that my daughter would never walk.
Mistakes made to correct severe hip dysplasia, deemed her small, under one year old bones, to atrophy in the process of 'healing'.
Not any news a new mama wants to hear.

Christmas brought a season over hanging with an impending surgery in January and expectations, with no guarantees, of perhaps, an alteration in her grim prognosis.
Anger, disappointment in the medical community, frustration with her limitations and just general crappy attitude, kept me grim and not nice to be around. Friends avoided me and my family got tired of being my cheerleader. Poor Hubby had his own issues. A handicapped daughter AND a shrew (nice word) of a wife. (Had to take it out on someone, right?)

One night, rocking my little girl while she was weighed down in her oddly angled full body cast, reaching for the ornaments, that she could not move to get, that I literally sighed out loud, 'No one understands this! It's upsetting but there is soo much worse,that I feel guilty for feeling so badly about this! I want to get on but I am so stuck! No one gets it!!'

Since I was raised Catholic and knew it was my 'duty' to place my creche in a visible place in my quasi Catholic grown up home. Knew it would please our parents, but had no personal interest in the whole religious thing. Especially now.

Then, as my Eldest daughter drifted off to sleep, my eyes cast to the neglected nativity scene. As I stared at the tiny manger, a very clear thought came to me. I knew enough catechism from all those years in Catholic school, that God had a very intended purpose for sending Christ into this world. And He, omniscient and sovereign as He is, knew exactly the course His relatively short life would follow. And it was grim. The Stations of the Cross at Easter time told me of the travails that Christ suffered in the hands of sinful men. Me being chief among them.

So God knew exactly what His Son would suffer. That there was a purpose for it all. And He loved ME enough to allow it all. God understood my 'little' pain. He knew ALL my dear, little 11 month old Rhiannon would go through with her cross. He knew what I would need to get through it all. And He promised to go through it all with me.

While my baby slept on me, I quietly wept tears of relief, joy, penitence and hope. I knew, for the first time in my life, that the birth, death and resurrection of my Savior was not just stories or good religion, but it was personal. It was for me. For you. Forever.

I embraced the love of Christ with all my heart and all that meant. Good and Bad. Because I now knew that I was not alone. That my Heavenly Father had designed just what I needed, no matter how I perceived it; His view of the tapestry of my life was much clearer than my muddled perspective.

How He sustained me through the days, months, years to follow, would fill volumes.
He allowed me in all my spiritual naivete, to view His amazing healing power. He showed me how all the irritations and pain in this life, prepares us for a greater work...

It is all good. With Him.

And this day we commemorate the incarnation, God becoming human, to be the perfect sacrifice for our sin filled lives.....For the hope of an eternity spent with Him..
How wonderful is that?

My prayer is for all that are reading this, that you would consider your eternity. There is a grand plan authored by an amazing God that not only created us for this earth, but has planned for our eternal life as well....How loving is that...

Ask Him to explain this all to you. He will.
And may you be blessed.....

Merry, blessed Christmas to you all.....

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas Adam!

The story goes, if I remember it correctly,(and I'm sure if I don't, I shall be reminded by those that do!), that one of my adorable children wanted to know about the progression of Christmas countdown and of course, I wrapped up with saying 'then we celebrate Christmas Eve, Then Ta Da! Christmas morning shall be here!' Understanding that if Christmas Eve was the signal to begin the celebration, a day previous to THAT day should have it's own moniker, like Christmas Eve Eve? While agreeing in theory but not in truth that it was a grand idea, the amazing child suggested that if we had a Christmas Eve, shouldn't we have a Christmas Adam? Adam was created first, right?,
Through the years, new rules came up with Christmas Adam. If we could open two gifts on Christmas Eve, shouldn't we be able to open ONE on the third most wonderful day of the year, Christmas Adam?
You can see where this took us.
To this day, we are sure to wish each other a Merry Christmas Adam. Not too many others however, lest we get that look. We just kinda keep it amongst us.
And now you. My Internet friends. Worldwide. Look for Christmas Adam cards in stores near you next year, eh?
So what does one do on Christmas Adam?
Whatever you want!

If you want to sit on the steps and watch your living room and your Hubby reading his bible, you can.

If you decide to make some place mats from a tattered quilt that has the right color of red for Christmas, you do it.
And if the making of the same needs rick rack, get out some of Pauline's ancient trimmings. Yes, it does say, '3 Yards for 10 cents'! And it would be grand for aprons, suits an jackets! Can you picture those aprons, jackets and suits? These kind of things amuse me. Any wonder my children run around saying, 'Merry Christmas Adam'? Poor children.

Speaking of children, Baby Girl and Her Hubby landed here just in time for a festive lunch, with hot off the press place mats for the aesthetics of it all! We sat and chatted and watched an old video from our first Christmas in this house. Baby Girl was a very youngish eleven year old and the house had not been Debized yet.

Christmas Adam is great fun.
No pressures for gifting, even though Neighbor Nancy brought by some mighty tasty quick breads in a swell basket; it was not mandatory, just the kind of thing swell neighbors do.
You get to do what you want.
Sit by the fire with grand company.
Then make two suppers at once cause that's what you wanted to do.

Onward to the Eve!!!

(Editors Note: Eldest/Admin daughter wanted me to post the book that we used for all our holiday devotions. The book is Family Celebrations by Anne Hibbard. It's still available on Amazon even though we used in the late 80's/early 90's. Not just Christmas either; all holidays are covered. Good book; memory maker.....)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

This and That

That's what it takes.
At no time does it mean more than at Christmas time.
There was a time in my life, that I was unable to leave my home. Agoraphobic.
Hubby would encourage and cajole and compromise. For many years, he did all the Christmas shopping. Some years, out of sheer determination to help him, I would accompany him; he bringing things to the front of the store for my approval. Each year, it appeared that I could get farther into the store/mall. Each attempt would be met with a big 'atta girl' and that little acknowledgement was all it took for me to seek to 'try harder' the next time.
In time (20 years), I was able to be a full complement to the Team Cory shopping expedition. Just when the advent of online shopping came into vogue, I was able to hit the real stores. The internet and my issues, just missed each other.....Funny.
So Hubby and I are used to teaming it.
From tag teaming with sick kids to me mowing the yard and him doing the grocery shopping, me taking the garbage out to him emptying the dishwasher, we've usually been able to strike out a deal.
Today was Neighbor Gifting.
Hubby baked the Holiday Hearth Bread, an old reliable from the 70's.
I kept busy making the bread bags that will go with.
As you can see above, his results are usually swell. Mine usually has some bumps....

And of course, his ways are not my ways; he measures meticulously whilst I tend to throw things in.
He aligns his work space and prepares specifically.
I make a space wherever.
It's usually best if I get out of his way to prevent annoyance. :D

Hubby loves a good high school basketball game. When our boys were playing, years ago, he would be the dad that was cheering wildly and of course, goes without saying, he was the one that got off early so he could attend the out of town games.
He misses it.
Faithful Friend's son plays this year. Hubby follows the stories on the games, watches game times and locations and watches intently.
He wanted to attend tonights home game so I went with.
He's just so cute about it! Can hardly resist.

A monumentous job Hubby has taken on this vacation, is to go through all our old VHS tapes and throw away all those that have not faired well and of course, watch those oldy old videos from a long time ago.
Tough job, huh?
In the doing of this task, he stumbled upon our Advent Tree 'ornaments'! I still have the felt tree that wore these symbolic devotional adornments, but, sadly, I thought the ornaments had long been lost.
And yet, they perservere; just hidden for many years....
Back in the day of small children, our Advent Devotionals would wrap up with one of the children bearing the honor of adding the next ornament, counting down and remembering the story each represented....
Good memories of Christmases past...
Onward to Christmas present!
Baby Girl and her Hubby are on their way home! Eldest Son and Lovely Wife come tomorrow!
Hooray for Holidays!!!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Activities

Found something I need to add to my Christmas List:
The ability to host a gathering of ten ladies for a Christmas Luncheon at the age of 90!
Poet Friend just had all of us from Fleur de Lis at her house for our annual tradition of Christmas Luncheon.
'ALL' Poet Friend provides is the turkey, stuffing, homemade parker house rolls, mashed potatoes and homemade dumplings. That's it. All the rest of us bring side dishes. Can you truly believe this??
Did I mention that she also set two lovely holiday tables?
And prepared a program for the meeting?
We all ate well, caught up with each other, (the myriad of things that these ladies keep busy with is a-mazing!!!) shared our Christmas Week activities and then ate dessert...(Which was in aplenty.....!)
We did our readings, centered on the meaning of the season and Poet Friend recited a poem of her own, 'A Child is Born'......
With our meeting completed and our good byes to old friends for another month, I headed back to the kitchen to help Poet Friend clean up.
I love listening to her stories and could have stayed longer just chatting, but I knew she was really tired after her Hosting Extraordinaire....

Lord, may I serve others with such commitment well into my years. May I not grumble or complain but serve as unto you...
Thank you for placing these lovely, lively ladies in my life for example of how to live.......
Merry Christmas to me.....

Saturday, December 19, 2009


What do you do on your way home?
When you visited your little grand baby and had a grand time watching her enjoy her new playthings and gloried in her new skills?
When you've experienced the joy of watching your first born become the best mama she can be and you observe a young papa, a man you've known since he was fifteen years old, become a strong daddy, utterly and overwhelmingly in love with his little girl.
You sense the joy of their love, the day to day partnership, the welcoming and loving care of their parents and brother. You are embraced by their hospitality.
You enjoy a lovely dinner out, a rare treat for new parents who seldom have 'help' with an exploring and interested newby restaurant visitor. A rare treat for newby grandparents eager to show off their little gem of a grand baby....

You sew.

You craft something new in the backseat of the car while Second Son sleeps soundly in the passenger seat and Hubby transports us back to reality
You go over in your mind, the little face that is a sign of hope and a future.
You day dream of her little sounds. Her little smile that breaks out dimples that have their root in a great grandma that she will never know.
You think of past Christmases and the joys and lessons learned from them.
In your sewing for another friend, a new little neighbor, you are preparing another memory for their future.
For a time when they remember their 'elder neighbor', the one that had all the lights and all the porch furniture and the noisy dog.
You remember her garden that exploded in color come mid June. And that she let you pick flowers for tiny bouquets.
You sew so that your handcrafted items will go on after she has reached her Eternal Home..

And you reflect each year at Christmas and you smile....

Thursday, December 17, 2009


Tomorrow, Poppy, Unca Jordan and Yours Truly head off to Cincinnati in our red sleigh to deliver gifties to our Little Sweetie of a Granddaughter.
Not too much, just enough to keep her entertained till The Big Birthday on March 9th.
To be sure, care was given to what country and what type of paint was used in the products selected. We made sure that a renewable forestry was tapped for the wooden products chosen.
Other things were purchased from independently owned companies displayed on many of the crafting blogs I follow.
Lots of good, good sources out there. I am particularly fond of The Pajama Squid. And not just because they sent out squid like gummy bears with my purchases. Or that their packaging is recyclable or that their tissue paper is black and white striped. Okay. It did have something to do with all those things. But mostly was their delightful selection of toys and goodies for My Vivien.
(and it is sure to please the health, environment, safety obsessed (( in a good way!:D, mama, Eldest/Admin ))
Check out their site.....See for

Hmmmmm...glimpses and peeks....Soon to be delivered....

And who is this??

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

How To Celebrate Thirty Seven Years

1. Thank God that the man that you have been sleeping next to for the past 36 years is still there when you awaken.
2. Take a brisk walk with Dixie, in temps very like the 8 degrees that were present on my wedding day.
3. Come home shivery and hungry and find The Hubby has prepared a ham and cheese omelet!
4. Prepare for the day so that certain undisclosed gift making can commence.
5. Wrap up sewing room detail with The Hubby's help so that we can take off for Anniversary Dinner.
6. Get to Outback early with all the other grey hairs so that we beat the family inundation. We do plan things like that you know.
7. Have post dinner time before Wednesday Night Bible Study so we scoot over to Cato's to check out deals.
8. Fortune of good fortune! Two new skirts!! Hubby finds deals! Yay!
9. Final installment of The Truth Project at church. Good, good stuff.
10. Take advantage of Discover Free Red Box Video Rental. (Julie and Julia for those that are interested). Hubby buys Hot Fudge Sundae for his bride while she wheels and deals with Red Box.
11. Early Bathies so J & J can be viewed in all it's proper comfy coziness.
12. Thank Heavenly Father before the eyes succumb to sleep, for the dear man next to me.

May you all be as blessed this Christmas season...

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Birthday Crown!

A little diversion from Christmasing comes in the form of a very necessary accessory for a brand new one year old...
Ta Da!
A Birthday Crown!
One to sit upon Miss Grace's most precious Brain Holder on her high holy day each year. Extra elastic in the back allows for adjustment up into the time that her own children will tell her to take the silly old thing off her noggin....
I hope unto that day she will remember her ol Nana who views the celebration of one's birthday very seriously and who takes the tradition of month long celebrations as a way to celebrate the unique, distinct way in which we have been created....Worthy of a celebration of The Creator in a daily way......

Thank you Lord for our little Gracie!
Happy First Birthday!

Monday, December 14, 2009

How About Them Cubs?

I realized when I started to write today that I had little I could write about in My Sewing Room!
Too many secret projects for people that regularly visit this space...
So in the meantime, I thought I'd distract those that are perhaps....umm...looking for hints here, by throwing you off by posting some summer photos!
And of course, I went missing yesterday while Hubby and I continued on our Anniversary Journey!
Off to Eldest Son's and Lovely Wife's home!
Go to Hubby's brother's Christmas Open House! Sleep in on Saturday and let ES and LW make an amazing breakfast for us! WHILE we watched the two part Monk finale! (did you see it?? Sooooo Good! Of course, Hubby knew how it was going to end, but never mind, I did not let that distract me from enjoying saying good bye to my very simpatico friend, Adrian....I will miss him!
Then off to church on Sunday and then to an invited lunch with a gathering of new friends....Good, good times.....
So, back to The Sewing Room....Don't follow me! Surprises abound!!! :D
Enjoy the reminders of summer!!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Let the Anniversary Celebration Begin!

Just like my month long birthday, My Hubby has taken a similar stance on our anniversary!
Each year, as a government employee, he accumulates his time off, squirrels it away like a piker, for the day when he can announce, 'I've saved up enough time to take most of December off!'
He knows that it tickles me to death to have his companionship, help and just good ol hangin out time with my best friend.
We start thinking of day trips, projects and gifts to make for Christmas.
In long ago years, we would design a project to make for all our friends and neighbors. Some years we would have hosts of angels on his workbench waiting for me to paint. One year the smell of a dozen gingerbread houses on our dining room table, nearly sent us into diabetic coma. After a particular moving Passover celebration, we designed a Mezuzah for our friends doorpost's.
This year, we have odds and ends to do, certainly the best being a Santa Visit to Miss Vivien....
First year of Grammying and Poppying....
Can you say Euphoria?

Stay posted for More Anniversary News and Updates as they happen...

And don't forget to have a memorable Christmas time.....

Friday, December 11, 2009

Happy Anniversary to Me!

On December 16, 1972, at high noon, I evolved from Debbie Murphy, newly 19 and full of myself, to the bride of Patrick Joseph Cory.
We had been sweethearts for nearly three years, meeting on a blind date of sorts.
After the first date on February 14th, we knew, without a doubt, that we were destined for each other.
The next week, Pat 'gave' me his class ring, which he owned for a full four days, asked me to prom and while he was getting such good answers, asked me to marry him.
We continued on in our relationship like that was a definite plan.
I never thought otherwise.
I could see no other future without Pat in it.
Thirty seven years later, I still feel the same way.
Only more so.
Because he knows me better than anyone, he knows it is best to just let me pick out my gifts for special occasion.
He's given me some amazing gifts but as we aged, he thought it better for me to be the selector.
Last night, I was invited to a jewelry showing. Two Bloomington jewelry crafters were able to bring their incredibly simple yet wonderful wares to Mitchell.
I related to the design immediately.
If I was a jewelry designer, these lovely pieces would be what I would produce.
So I thank Tizo Design's Laura and Rhonda for sharing their craft and allowing My Hubby to give me a wonderful, wonderful gift this year....

Check out their site at

Thursday, December 10, 2009


Getting stressed about Christmas?
Is your December calendar shrinking ridiculously?
Well you came to the right place.....

To begin:
I am a bath person.
You know, there are shower-first-thing-in-the-morning people, then there are the polar opposites: Give me a hot, scented bath with just the right soap after a rough day, and I am good.
A good soak, eyes closed, semi floating and the mind just opens up and the body relaxes. I have come up with the best plans, designs and ideas in the throes of my end of the evening soakathon.
My husband has gotten used to my pronouncements, post bath: 'I have the most scathingly brilliant idea!' He usually responds with 'oh dear.'

Back to relaxing....
Those that know me, like Kindred Spirits Friend, understands my bathing rituals. One year long ago, for my birthday, she designed and created the wonderful stained glass for my bathroom, that is pictured above. It is one of my prized possessions. My bathroom window faces south, so the sun makes the creation come alive. I love checking out the window outside when I'm out walking my dog. I smile thinking of the sweetness of the gift. In the midst of our move 10 years ago, I inadvertently forgot to have the window on the exclusion of the MLS listing. So I very much reluctantly had to hand it over to the new owners along with the keys. Sad, sad time.
THEN one day, years later, Old Friend called and asked if I still would like my wonderful window? It seems the very astute new owner was getting new windows and seemed to remember that I was much in love with the window....(could it have been the sighing, whining and maybe a little crying???) and would I want it back???!!!!!

Old Friend's daughter was coming for a visit and she transported the window to my new home, where TA DA! It fit!!! Of course. A true God thing......

Anyway....(are you relaxed yet?)
After a major digression, here is my

Favorite Hot Tub Soak:

2 cups Epsom Salts
(under running water)
add 1 cup Dry Milk
3 drops Lavender Oil
Mix by swirling your hands in the water....

Bring a pad of paper and a pen to write down all the scathingly brilliant ideas that will come to your stilled mind and responding body....

Take time for yourself this busy season so that you can care for those around you.....


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Revealing!

Thanks to WeeWonderfuls clear and helpful pattern of Kit, Chloe and Louise, and to Eldest/Admin and myself agreeing that Chloe was our choice, Gracie has a brand new dolly for her first birthday on the 15th!
I had the privilege of being with her mama when the pregnancy test was taken, watching that little line form, anticipating all that a positive test would mean in their little family.
I had the privilege of being at her home at 4:30am on the morning of the 15th, staying with older brother so mama and papa could high tail it to Bloomington, 45 minutes away (!) In my sleepiness on their couch, I heard the wonderful words from her papa, just a little past two hours later, that Grace Elizabeth had arrived!
I quietly smiled, praised God and drifted back to sleep in their comfy home, awaiting big brothers awakening.
Grant and I celebrated by have scrambled eggies and toast points and started planning our snowy trek to the hospital to see Baby Sister....
We ( Hubby, Second Son, Baby Girl, myself and Big Brother Grant) packed ourselves into their tiny car, with the car seat, and sang Christmas Carols with Grant all the way there....
A memorable, memorable time....
So it was with great pleasure that my first WeeWonderfuls Dolly was to be given to the little girl that I have known for 'so long'!!
Enjoy, Gracie Beth!

Well, Owlie just couldn't resist...He was as happy as I was to complete this fun project! And he kept saying, 'I TOLD you so! I told you so!!!'
Owls can be such know it alls.....
His time in my sewing room is limited since Eldest/Admin is pretty sure that he is coming to her house to stay...
Good luck with that! He is very opinionated!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Who? Who?

My little, albeit, transitory, friend, Owlie, keeps asking me this question...
Who? Who?? Who will she be??

Well, Owlie, we know that she likes pretty little vintage prints from Mrs. Hill's Auction....With some rick rack to make it really special..(this rick rack had an original price tag of 10 cents for 3 yards!) We know she appreciates fine things..Simple, but good....

And her, ahem, undergarments, are discreetly made from an old pillowcase from ages ago. But she doesn't mind; they're soft as a feather, yet modest with the ever so indication of fru fru....Sweet...

And we know that she is abundantly fun to be with, even into the wee hours of the evening...Fun, sweet little girl....

Miss Dixie cannot understand! Something so full of stuffing, surely must be for her!!No, no Miss Dixie!! This little dolly goes to a Special Little Girl!

So Miss Dixie resigns her lot and curls up in her Work Room Bed, content to be nearby even if she can't tear the holy crap out of this current obsession.....

Who Owlie?
We don't know, but we soon will!!!!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Hint O' Winter

Dixie had quite the adjustment this morning.
She wasn't quite prepared for the change in her landscape.
But we both got our bearings and pursued on to a really nice long walk in the white stuff.
Amazing how a modicum of snow can change the most familiar environment.
While Dixie checked out her 'new' sniffs, I photographed some normal turned magical.

In true Southern Indiana tradition, by the time we returned from our hour walk, most of the snow had melted off.
An amazing benefit of living in southern Indiana; could be a heavy snowfall but in three days, it should be gone! Gotta love that!

So I removed my wet shoes and changed my dampish pants into a serious sewing uniform and headed for the sewing room....

More to follow......

Sunday, December 6, 2009

And Now a Word from Our Sponsor...

Just in case you're a little rushed this season.
Just in case you're a little overwhelmed by what needs to get done (Does it really?)
Just in case you think the holidays are the worse time of year for all the stress it produces....

Just stop.

Rethink why you do what you do.
And retool.

Does that thing really need to be done, or do you do it out of habit or expectations (others perceived?)

I have found in my wizened years, that the more I cut out of Christmas, the more enjoyable it became...
I could focus on the giving that I want to do, not what was expected of me....
I found out that Christmas cards were a burden that distracted me from the season and stressed me out and most people threw them away a few days after Christmas. Most cards merely have a signature with a manufactured message.
I stopped doing that years ago.
HUGE relief of self imposed stress....

Then came the big year that our family quit buying gifts for each other...
Simplistic and stress free.
My husband and I started buying things for our children throughout the year, special things that they needed/wanted/mentioned that they loved, and indulged them right then, without waiting for Christmas.

No wrapping. No shopping. Just enjoyment of the season and each other. Peaceful.

Please Enjoy the Christmas season however that looks for this year.
Do one thing that will bring you closer to the peace that the season stands for.
Spend time and conversations and meals together with those you love.

That's what they really want.....

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Christmas Activities...

In the bible, Deborah is a judge.
So today, I took on my biblical moniker and became a judge.
Of sorts.
I was asked to be a part of the Christmas Fantasia, a fundraiser for our local county's food pantry.
The trees, wreaths and table decors are judged then all of them are auctioned off to benefit the very important non profit.
The pantry supplies sustenance for so many, not just at Christmas time, but year round. Many people rely on the leg up that the pantry signifies for them.
So, it was a pleasure to take a small part of this important work.
Turns it is was an easy gig too.
The other two 'wreath judges' and I were in nearly complete accord and our time at the Christmas Fantasia took a minimum of time.
Fun time. Lot's of work goes into this and I so appreciate all that took part in it, on both sides; those that made items to auction, the organizers and those that bid on the beautiful items.
And bless the recipients of all the good that will come of it...

And here's our local library director pinning the second place ribbon on this lovely offering.

And our first place winner...
It was really quite beautiful. My inadequate camera hardly does it justice. I now regret not staying and bidding on it.....

And more from the sewing room....
Library bags for two well read little boys.....(my young friend, Emily, gave me this idea from ones that she made years ago...You should check out her blog and see her amazing Halloween costumes from this
Fun stuff....

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