Thursday, December 17, 2009


Tomorrow, Poppy, Unca Jordan and Yours Truly head off to Cincinnati in our red sleigh to deliver gifties to our Little Sweetie of a Granddaughter.
Not too much, just enough to keep her entertained till The Big Birthday on March 9th.
To be sure, care was given to what country and what type of paint was used in the products selected. We made sure that a renewable forestry was tapped for the wooden products chosen.
Other things were purchased from independently owned companies displayed on many of the crafting blogs I follow.
Lots of good, good sources out there. I am particularly fond of The Pajama Squid. And not just because they sent out squid like gummy bears with my purchases. Or that their packaging is recyclable or that their tissue paper is black and white striped. Okay. It did have something to do with all those things. But mostly was their delightful selection of toys and goodies for My Vivien.
(and it is sure to please the health, environment, safety obsessed (( in a good way!:D, mama, Eldest/Admin ))
Check out their site.....See for

Hmmmmm...glimpses and peeks....Soon to be delivered....

And who is this??


  1. You are AWESOME!!!!!!!! I love it... I savored every word and picture... I didn't even scroll down until I finished reading that section... I just LOVE it!!!!! I canNOT wait to see you guys... canNOT wait to see all the goodies... and I canNOT wait till the Cory Sleigh pulls up into our house... I AM SOOOOOOOOO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!

    Whoooooo is that little eye??????? hehehe... I'm all giddy like a kid on Christmas... get here already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Ah, wish you were my mom. Can't wait to here all about it in Illinois from Rhiannon. You are the best Grandma. You can feel all the love you all have!!!! Thanks for keeping us in touch with your lives. Love, martha

  3. What a fun post!! I was so captivated... you have a way with words. I know Rhiannon is excited to see you all!! - becca w.

  4. I do believe this post has sent me into the Christmas spirit and excitement I've been trying to catch up with all month! Thanks! And have a safe sleigh ride here to Cincy and back home!

  5. What a perfect owleee for Vivie!!!!!! Can't wait to hear about her rxn!!!!! Have a safe trip and enjoy every minute!!!! :0) Merry CHRISTmas!!!!!!!!!!


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