Tuesday, December 1, 2009

From the sewing room....

Not much explanation, just teases...
(It's the Christmas Season after all...Secrets abound!)

Hmm...yarn, felt, soft peach cotton....

What looks like a humble stack of fabrics; what could they transmogrify into??

More felt....trims...free downloaded pattern from Heather Bailey...

And last but certainly not least...
One of my favorites things to do:
A Repurposing of the Best Kind...Memories turned into useable items with NEW memories....

Guess away!!!!!


  1. ooooh, does that mean the muse has arrived and you know what to make out of my sweater?? no rush at all, just very excited about the re-birth of an old friend. :)

  2. Half muse/half prayers!!
    Always enjoy things as they unfold!

  3. I must say, this is quite a tease.
    Cant wait to see the before and after result!


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