Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas Adam!

The story goes, if I remember it correctly,(and I'm sure if I don't, I shall be reminded by those that do!), that one of my adorable children wanted to know about the progression of Christmas countdown and of course, I wrapped up with saying 'then we celebrate Christmas Eve, Then Ta Da! Christmas morning shall be here!' Understanding that if Christmas Eve was the signal to begin the celebration, a day previous to THAT day should have it's own moniker, like Christmas Eve Eve? While agreeing in theory but not in truth that it was a grand idea, the amazing child suggested that if we had a Christmas Eve, shouldn't we have a Christmas Adam? Adam was created first, right?,
Through the years, new rules came up with Christmas Adam. If we could open two gifts on Christmas Eve, shouldn't we be able to open ONE on the third most wonderful day of the year, Christmas Adam?
You can see where this took us.
To this day, we are sure to wish each other a Merry Christmas Adam. Not too many others however, lest we get that look. We just kinda keep it amongst us.
And now you. My Internet friends. Worldwide. Look for Christmas Adam cards in stores near you next year, eh?
So what does one do on Christmas Adam?
Whatever you want!

If you want to sit on the steps and watch your living room and your Hubby reading his bible, you can.

If you decide to make some place mats from a tattered quilt that has the right color of red for Christmas, you do it.
And if the making of the same needs rick rack, get out some of Pauline's ancient trimmings. Yes, it does say, '3 Yards for 10 cents'! And it would be grand for aprons, suits an jackets! Can you picture those aprons, jackets and suits? These kind of things amuse me. Any wonder my children run around saying, 'Merry Christmas Adam'? Poor children.

Speaking of children, Baby Girl and Her Hubby landed here just in time for a festive lunch, with hot off the press place mats for the aesthetics of it all! We sat and chatted and watched an old video from our first Christmas in this house. Baby Girl was a very youngish eleven year old and the house had not been Debized yet.

Christmas Adam is great fun.
No pressures for gifting, even though Neighbor Nancy brought by some mighty tasty quick breads in a swell basket; it was not mandatory, just the kind of thing swell neighbors do.
You get to do what you want.
Sit by the fire with grand company.
Then make two suppers at once cause that's what you wanted to do.

Onward to the Eve!!!

(Editors Note: Eldest/Admin daughter wanted me to post the book that we used for all our holiday devotions. The book is Family Celebrations by Anne Hibbard. It's still available on Amazon even though we used in the late 80's/early 90's. Not just Christmas either; all holidays are covered. Good book; memory maker.....)


  1. I still remember looking out my kitchen window as I was doing dishes and seeing my new neighbor's youngest daughter Calin exit the back door in a full cartwheel and continued cartwheels all the way to the guesthouse! I knew then and there I had me some fun and special new neighbors! It is hard to believe how the years have passed, and now she is a grown woman! Tell the kids I said hi and even though Christmas Adam is over now, I am glad you shared the story!

  2. Christmas Adam... the best day of the Christmas week... it starts it all... I love the small things that amuse us Cory's!!! As a Mama now... I hope my family we come up with our own little "Adam's"!!!


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