Saturday, December 19, 2009


What do you do on your way home?
When you visited your little grand baby and had a grand time watching her enjoy her new playthings and gloried in her new skills?
When you've experienced the joy of watching your first born become the best mama she can be and you observe a young papa, a man you've known since he was fifteen years old, become a strong daddy, utterly and overwhelmingly in love with his little girl.
You sense the joy of their love, the day to day partnership, the welcoming and loving care of their parents and brother. You are embraced by their hospitality.
You enjoy a lovely dinner out, a rare treat for new parents who seldom have 'help' with an exploring and interested newby restaurant visitor. A rare treat for newby grandparents eager to show off their little gem of a grand baby....

You sew.

You craft something new in the backseat of the car while Second Son sleeps soundly in the passenger seat and Hubby transports us back to reality
You go over in your mind, the little face that is a sign of hope and a future.
You day dream of her little sounds. Her little smile that breaks out dimples that have their root in a great grandma that she will never know.
You think of past Christmases and the joys and lessons learned from them.
In your sewing for another friend, a new little neighbor, you are preparing another memory for their future.
For a time when they remember their 'elder neighbor', the one that had all the lights and all the porch furniture and the noisy dog.
You remember her garden that exploded in color come mid June. And that she let you pick flowers for tiny bouquets.
You sew so that your handcrafted items will go on after she has reached her Eternal Home..

And you reflect each year at Christmas and you smile....


  1. Can you hear our signs from there?!? It was a wonderful short little visit... we absolutely LOVED all our presents you all brought... we loved having you here... it was a short but sweet visit that will never be forgotten... Vivie's first Christmas with her Grammy, Poppy, & Uncle Jordan... it was GRAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. sigh indeed. wish we could of been there.

    p.s. love the lc, cl sewn ornament!!!! :)
    and conner and rylie and two very lucky persons to have such a lovely treat from such a lovely person.


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