Tuesday, December 22, 2009

This and That

That's what it takes.
At no time does it mean more than at Christmas time.
There was a time in my life, that I was unable to leave my home. Agoraphobic.
Hubby would encourage and cajole and compromise. For many years, he did all the Christmas shopping. Some years, out of sheer determination to help him, I would accompany him; he bringing things to the front of the store for my approval. Each year, it appeared that I could get farther into the store/mall. Each attempt would be met with a big 'atta girl' and that little acknowledgement was all it took for me to seek to 'try harder' the next time.
In time (20 years), I was able to be a full complement to the Team Cory shopping expedition. Just when the advent of online shopping came into vogue, I was able to hit the real stores. The internet and my issues, just missed each other.....Funny.
So Hubby and I are used to teaming it.
From tag teaming with sick kids to me mowing the yard and him doing the grocery shopping, me taking the garbage out to him emptying the dishwasher, we've usually been able to strike out a deal.
Today was Neighbor Gifting.
Hubby baked the Holiday Hearth Bread, an old reliable from the 70's.
I kept busy making the bread bags that will go with.
As you can see above, his results are usually swell. Mine usually has some bumps....

And of course, his ways are not my ways; he measures meticulously whilst I tend to throw things in.
He aligns his work space and prepares specifically.
I make a space wherever.
It's usually best if I get out of his way to prevent annoyance. :D

Hubby loves a good high school basketball game. When our boys were playing, years ago, he would be the dad that was cheering wildly and of course, goes without saying, he was the one that got off early so he could attend the out of town games.
He misses it.
Faithful Friend's son plays this year. Hubby follows the stories on the games, watches game times and locations and watches intently.
He wanted to attend tonights home game so I went with.
He's just so cute about it! Can hardly resist.

A monumentous job Hubby has taken on this vacation, is to go through all our old VHS tapes and throw away all those that have not faired well and of course, watch those oldy old videos from a long time ago.
Tough job, huh?
In the doing of this task, he stumbled upon our Advent Tree 'ornaments'! I still have the felt tree that wore these symbolic devotional adornments, but, sadly, I thought the ornaments had long been lost.
And yet, they perservere; just hidden for many years....
Back in the day of small children, our Advent Devotionals would wrap up with one of the children bearing the honor of adding the next ornament, counting down and remembering the story each represented....
Good memories of Christmases past...
Onward to Christmas present!
Baby Girl and her Hubby are on their way home! Eldest Son and Lovely Wife come tomorrow!
Hooray for Holidays!!!

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  1. YAY FOR THE ADVENT ORNAMENTS!!!!!!! What an AWESOME find!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you hear my suddle hints?!?! :D!!!!
    What amazing memories... didn't think "back then" that I would be so moved and emotional to see these again as an adult.. I could cry... so amazing!

    You need to find that book title and post it... any Christian family looking for a special way to count down the days to Christmas NEEDS to have this tradition... soooo special and creative... AMAZING... did I say that already?!? ;)

    Give my sibs hugs 'n kisses from us... we miss you all and will be thinking of you!!!!!!



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