Monday, December 28, 2009


As you can see, even in Southern Indiana, a cold snap can come in an roost for a few days. How cold is it? It is Dog-Needs-the-Hated-Coat cold.
Dixie hates her 'get up' but sadly, she hasn't enough doggy hair to insulate her for the long walks that her hyperness requires. Thus the coat. Thus the attitude. Generally, half way into the frigid walk, she demands that I remove it. It usually happens after a stray dog walks by and snickers.
Can't blame her.

Because of the aforementioned cold snap, a pot of soup simmering is a must. Especially when you have a dandy new french oven in sparkling red, courtesy of my generous friend, Crazy Dee.
Soup, even Mustgo, tastes better in a schwanky pot.
(Mustgo is a rare combination of leftover soupy type foods in the fridge, post holidays....Always one of a kind, always kinda yummy in a strange kinda way.

And here's a treat!
Always good to do archeological digs in ones own home.
Whilst installing my new dishwasher...(another government rebate incentive for hubby to pump the economy!) I got a chance to ooh and ahh over my 90 year old kitchen wallpaper hidden from sight....
The treasure of an old home is trying to guess just what the original looked like. When you get hints like this, it's eureka time. I had come across samples of this wallpaper on other improvement escavations, but behind the dishwasher is the clearest and most full example.
Can't you just picture the joy at the homeowner in 1919 picking out her first kitchen wall covering for her brand new home?
How many rearrangements have taken place in the past 90 years? Makes a girl think...

The tree is down, the dishwasher is in, New Year plans are being finalized and the new decade fast approaches.....
Thank you 2009....

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  1. Love the new schwanky pot!!! And the soup looks yummy... can I have some?!?

    The wallpaper is quite a find... I can only imagine how excited you must have been to discover it... way awesome!!!!


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