Monday, December 14, 2009

How About Them Cubs?

I realized when I started to write today that I had little I could write about in My Sewing Room!
Too many secret projects for people that regularly visit this space...
So in the meantime, I thought I'd distract those that are perhaps....umm...looking for hints here, by throwing you off by posting some summer photos!
And of course, I went missing yesterday while Hubby and I continued on our Anniversary Journey!
Off to Eldest Son's and Lovely Wife's home!
Go to Hubby's brother's Christmas Open House! Sleep in on Saturday and let ES and LW make an amazing breakfast for us! WHILE we watched the two part Monk finale! (did you see it?? Sooooo Good! Of course, Hubby knew how it was going to end, but never mind, I did not let that distract me from enjoying saying good bye to my very simpatico friend, Adrian....I will miss him!
Then off to church on Sunday and then to an invited lunch with a gathering of new friends....Good, good times.....
So, back to The Sewing Room....Don't follow me! Surprises abound!!! :D
Enjoy the reminders of summer!!


  1. Okay! Just like looking out my old kitchen window..... Now I am homesick!!!
    Happy anniversary!

  2. Lisa! Go write on your blog! Take some more photos!! Good, good stuff!!!

  3. ahhhhh....summer how I miss it so already

    And YES! Landon and I watched both Monk finales, SOOO good!!!! And like my father, had it all figured out half way through. Landon can never believe how I always figure it all out! My daddy has taught me well. haha... but yes. Many tears pathetically. I am going to miss the entertainment of such a well done and non vulgar show.


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