Saturday, December 12, 2009

Let the Anniversary Celebration Begin!

Just like my month long birthday, My Hubby has taken a similar stance on our anniversary!
Each year, as a government employee, he accumulates his time off, squirrels it away like a piker, for the day when he can announce, 'I've saved up enough time to take most of December off!'
He knows that it tickles me to death to have his companionship, help and just good ol hangin out time with my best friend.
We start thinking of day trips, projects and gifts to make for Christmas.
In long ago years, we would design a project to make for all our friends and neighbors. Some years we would have hosts of angels on his workbench waiting for me to paint. One year the smell of a dozen gingerbread houses on our dining room table, nearly sent us into diabetic coma. After a particular moving Passover celebration, we designed a Mezuzah for our friends doorpost's.
This year, we have odds and ends to do, certainly the best being a Santa Visit to Miss Vivien....
First year of Grammying and Poppying....
Can you say Euphoria?

Stay posted for More Anniversary News and Updates as they happen...

And don't forget to have a memorable Christmas time.....

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