Friday, December 4, 2009

Christmas Treasures...

One good, good thing about become 'elderly'...
'Gifts' at Christmas take on a whole new meaning..
Seldom do they come in a box...
Seldom with wrapping.
They are common items wrapped in the heart of a friend.
They are kind words spoken at the right time.
They are a renewed relationship after a bumpy patch.
They are memories of past times and lives intertwining.
They are inexpensive, meaningful and always from God.
HE knows what I need, want and will find joyful.
Today's journey brought my heart to a point of tears several times.
Good tears.
Knowing that this day was from the Father that has given me the Ultimate Gift, made it all the sweeter.
Enjoy my memories and may you be blessed in your journey as well....

In my journey around my Christmas gratitudes, I took this photo from my tree.
Simple, right? Nice little ornaments?
The front little felt miniature stocking was made for one of my children from one of their childhood friends that was quite good at the crafts. Each year, as I place this little stocking on my tree, I smile, remembering the little girl that 'lived' at my house for many years, her relationship with my oldest daughter, beginning when they were three years old. Today, she left a lovely comment that brought me to tears.
Thank you Brandy....
Also, in this photo, is another ornament given to my husband and I long, long ago, by a appreciative Awana Cubbie mommy. She did not know that it was our anniversary on the day that she gave it to us.
But He did. The 'love' message on it reminds me again, each tree decorating day, that I am loved by my Father.
Also, in the photo, a tag from Baby Girls wedding last year, a glass red heart bought on another anniversary and a beautiful shell angel given to me from my sister years and years ago....

Having a mantel with an abundant fireplace is another treasure that my husband and I waited for many years.
Ten years ago, the move to our present location, with all it's upheaval and surprise, our Father gave us the 'bonus' of something our hearts had longed for in a house. He knew that we would need a little affirmation that only the three of us would be aware of...
We thank Him everytime we use it....
(and in the mantel photo is a little resin angel, given to me from a little friend that I met at Good News Club years ago.
She came to the Awana club that we were involved with, in all her shy, quiet self.
Last year, she had a friend of hers give me this little gift that she purchased at the school bazaar.
Can I tell you how valuable this little angel is to me?

My large jar of ornaments contain Christmas decorations from my in law's trees of the past.
A reminder of the wonderful people that my beloved husband of 37 years came from.
A new tradition as well; planting narcissus right before Thanksgiving for Christmas blooms.
Last year, they bloomed ON THE DAY of my daughter's wedding!
I think not!
Thank you Father.

And then today.
I traditionally visit a local church's Christmas Bazaar.
I was introduced to it by my neighbor ten years ago.
The neighbor that I had prayed for when our world got a little rocked by our move.
I met this warm, loving woman the day we moved in, in our front yard, as she said to me: 'I'm so glad to meet you! I have been praying for you!!'
We shared property lines for several years, but still consider each other neighbors.
Today, while visiting the bazaar, there she was! Still helping her mom out with the details of a very involved Christmas event.
We were able to share a good church lunch, sharing our latest news, updating our lives....
So I had to buy another ornament from this craft show to remind, me again, of the special neighbor that God prepared for me before I even knew I would be moving! I smile each time I place the craft show ornaments on my yearly tree..
Thank you Lisa....
And today is another neighbor's birthday as well. Sweet Sharon will be moving away next spring and my heart is thrilled for her. But, selfishly, I am sad that the neighbor that introduced us to our first church here, will not be in visual distance from me...

Much emotion, many tears...
Joys of the Season...
Thank you Lord.....


  1. I wish I had words... but all I have is a tear... LYSMICETY

  2. P.S. Love you Brandy... my first sister!!!! <3

  3. What a beautiful blog, my neighbor and friend! Thank you for lunch today. I am so glad we had the opportunity to catch up, and that you shared your blog with me. I am going to take a peek at your other posts, and I am sure they will make me a little 'homesick' for my neighbor, but hey! now we can be "blog neighbors"!

  4. :D what an abundantly blessed life our family all has. Thank you God for so many years of your blessings and all the different ways they have been given to us.
    Thank you for sharing this dear mama.


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