Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Did Vivie love her grammy-made owl?
You bet!
The crinkly paper idea from another blogger along with soft stuffing and the added attraction of having grammy's old sweater utilized as well, made for a grand companion for a long trip to her papa's home town.
This owl has a brother as well, but I'm not sure he's been unwrapped yet, so we must wait to meet him.

Eldest/Admin Daughter kept me a busy with three orders for her in laws this year!
She had sent out a Purse Needs Survey that I made for each sister in law and her mother in law, this fall.
It was easy to configure a bag for each of them with the help of that handy dandy tool.
If you would like me to send you such a survey for Future Purse Needs from mama's collection, leave a comment....
This tote is for Karyn, an Avon lady/school secretary. Plenty of pockets to handle that(those) job(s).

This pretty pink and brown creation was for Martha....(the real purse is not as blurry as the bad photographer!)
She's having shoulder surgery on Jan 10th, so I left out some of the heavier weights I usually put in the shoulder strap connections and flap....Hope your surgery goes well, Martha....I'll be praying....

And this springy number is Beth's....Favorite color: blue, zippered pockets requested and given....no outer pockets...
See how easy that is??

Back to the sewing room....
Someone's birthay is coming and I'm told that most years, having a January 6th birthday, someone tends to get overlooked......
Let's make a big statement this year......:D

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  1. Vivien LOVES her owl, but her Mama might like it more LOL :D Just joking... she loves it, but I get it... My little owl has her own little owl!!!!!! *LOVE*

    p.s.... knowing I'm not going to "overlooked" makes next week much more appealing... can't wait for another visit!!!!!


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