Thursday, December 10, 2009


Getting stressed about Christmas?
Is your December calendar shrinking ridiculously?
Well you came to the right place.....

To begin:
I am a bath person.
You know, there are shower-first-thing-in-the-morning people, then there are the polar opposites: Give me a hot, scented bath with just the right soap after a rough day, and I am good.
A good soak, eyes closed, semi floating and the mind just opens up and the body relaxes. I have come up with the best plans, designs and ideas in the throes of my end of the evening soakathon.
My husband has gotten used to my pronouncements, post bath: 'I have the most scathingly brilliant idea!' He usually responds with 'oh dear.'

Back to relaxing....
Those that know me, like Kindred Spirits Friend, understands my bathing rituals. One year long ago, for my birthday, she designed and created the wonderful stained glass for my bathroom, that is pictured above. It is one of my prized possessions. My bathroom window faces south, so the sun makes the creation come alive. I love checking out the window outside when I'm out walking my dog. I smile thinking of the sweetness of the gift. In the midst of our move 10 years ago, I inadvertently forgot to have the window on the exclusion of the MLS listing. So I very much reluctantly had to hand it over to the new owners along with the keys. Sad, sad time.
THEN one day, years later, Old Friend called and asked if I still would like my wonderful window? It seems the very astute new owner was getting new windows and seemed to remember that I was much in love with the window....(could it have been the sighing, whining and maybe a little crying???) and would I want it back???!!!!!

Old Friend's daughter was coming for a visit and she transported the window to my new home, where TA DA! It fit!!! Of course. A true God thing......

Anyway....(are you relaxed yet?)
After a major digression, here is my

Favorite Hot Tub Soak:

2 cups Epsom Salts
(under running water)
add 1 cup Dry Milk
3 drops Lavender Oil
Mix by swirling your hands in the water....

Bring a pad of paper and a pen to write down all the scathingly brilliant ideas that will come to your stilled mind and responding body....

Take time for yourself this busy season so that you can care for those around you.....


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