Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Activities

Found something I need to add to my Christmas List:
The ability to host a gathering of ten ladies for a Christmas Luncheon at the age of 90!
Poet Friend just had all of us from Fleur de Lis at her house for our annual tradition of Christmas Luncheon.
'ALL' Poet Friend provides is the turkey, stuffing, homemade parker house rolls, mashed potatoes and homemade dumplings. That's it. All the rest of us bring side dishes. Can you truly believe this??
Did I mention that she also set two lovely holiday tables?
And prepared a program for the meeting?
We all ate well, caught up with each other, (the myriad of things that these ladies keep busy with is a-mazing!!!) shared our Christmas Week activities and then ate dessert...(Which was in aplenty.....!)
We did our readings, centered on the meaning of the season and Poet Friend recited a poem of her own, 'A Child is Born'......
With our meeting completed and our good byes to old friends for another month, I headed back to the kitchen to help Poet Friend clean up.
I love listening to her stories and could have stayed longer just chatting, but I knew she was really tired after her Hosting Extraordinaire....

Lord, may I serve others with such commitment well into my years. May I not grumble or complain but serve as unto you...
Thank you for placing these lovely, lively ladies in my life for example of how to live.......
Merry Christmas to me.....

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