Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Specs

It has nothing to do with the fact that I recently purchased new glasses. Or that my close up vision needed some sharpening. Or that my old frames were slightly dated. Or that my hubby was reading street signs to me. Oh no. New Specs has a whole new meaning.

It is a New Year.
New Decade.
Headed toward the point of no return in turns of mortality.

It is, indeed, my friends, time to see things clearly, correctly and honestly.

That said, here is my hopes for Seeing Things More Clearly:

* I want to be more objective yet holding fast to absolutes
* I want to seek and see the God given attributes in each person
* I want to see others as Christ sees them
* I want to steer away for judgments and criticism. Wastes my time for I never have the whole story or viewpoint
* I want to listen more than I talk
* Motives for actions are not mine to judge. Nor will I ever, quite possibly, know about them. Leave this up to God
* I want to be more aware of this planet we live on; being careful in my usage of it and all it's gifts
* And in doing all this, may the credit and glory for it go to the One who makes it possible in this feeble vessel that I call me
* And may others be blessed by my being here on this planet

A most gracious, loving, peaceful New Year's be yours.....


  1. may I say they look artistic and elegant? :0) Happy New Year!!!!!

  2. Amen.... I might write these down and stick them on the visor of my car, the bathroom mirror, and over the kitchen sink...


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