Wednesday, December 16, 2009

How To Celebrate Thirty Seven Years

1. Thank God that the man that you have been sleeping next to for the past 36 years is still there when you awaken.
2. Take a brisk walk with Dixie, in temps very like the 8 degrees that were present on my wedding day.
3. Come home shivery and hungry and find The Hubby has prepared a ham and cheese omelet!
4. Prepare for the day so that certain undisclosed gift making can commence.
5. Wrap up sewing room detail with The Hubby's help so that we can take off for Anniversary Dinner.
6. Get to Outback early with all the other grey hairs so that we beat the family inundation. We do plan things like that you know.
7. Have post dinner time before Wednesday Night Bible Study so we scoot over to Cato's to check out deals.
8. Fortune of good fortune! Two new skirts!! Hubby finds deals! Yay!
9. Final installment of The Truth Project at church. Good, good stuff.
10. Take advantage of Discover Free Red Box Video Rental. (Julie and Julia for those that are interested). Hubby buys Hot Fudge Sundae for his bride while she wheels and deals with Red Box.
11. Early Bathies so J & J can be viewed in all it's proper comfy coziness.
12. Thank Heavenly Father before the eyes succumb to sleep, for the dear man next to me.

May you all be as blessed this Christmas season...


  1. LOVE
    Thank you God for both of these amazing people and their beautiful successful marriage. Thank you for making them my parents. Amen.

  2. Just lovely. Happy, happy Anniversary to you both. :)


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