Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Who? Who?

My little, albeit, transitory, friend, Owlie, keeps asking me this question...
Who? Who?? Who will she be??

Well, Owlie, we know that she likes pretty little vintage prints from Mrs. Hill's Auction....With some rick rack to make it really special..(this rick rack had an original price tag of 10 cents for 3 yards!) We know she appreciates fine things..Simple, but good....

And her, ahem, undergarments, are discreetly made from an old pillowcase from ages ago. But she doesn't mind; they're soft as a feather, yet modest with the ever so indication of fru fru....Sweet...

And we know that she is abundantly fun to be with, even into the wee hours of the evening...Fun, sweet little girl....

Miss Dixie cannot understand! Something so full of stuffing, surely must be for her!!No, no Miss Dixie!! This little dolly goes to a Special Little Girl!

So Miss Dixie resigns her lot and curls up in her Work Room Bed, content to be nearby even if she can't tear the holy crap out of this current obsession.....

Who Owlie?
We don't know, but we soon will!!!!


  1. Love it!!!!!
    But I want Owlie!!!!! I forgot him there and I just *KNOW* he's going to be stolen by one of the other sibs... tell Owlie I would have never had forgotten him except for the fact that I thought he was in the big bag of "stuff"... he has a new home waiting for him in Miss Vivien's room... maybe he'll bring that special little dolly to stay with him?!?!???? :)))))
    Love it!!!!!

  2. I do believe that Owlie is looking forward to his Ohio home! He loves things that start with 'O'!!!
    And about his traveling companion....He WILL have a companion but another little girl has a birthday before Christmas!! Patience, patience......:D


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