Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Revealing!

Thanks to WeeWonderfuls clear and helpful pattern of Kit, Chloe and Louise, and to Eldest/Admin and myself agreeing that Chloe was our choice, Gracie has a brand new dolly for her first birthday on the 15th!
I had the privilege of being with her mama when the pregnancy test was taken, watching that little line form, anticipating all that a positive test would mean in their little family.
I had the privilege of being at her home at 4:30am on the morning of the 15th, staying with older brother so mama and papa could high tail it to Bloomington, 45 minutes away (!) In my sleepiness on their couch, I heard the wonderful words from her papa, just a little past two hours later, that Grace Elizabeth had arrived!
I quietly smiled, praised God and drifted back to sleep in their comfy home, awaiting big brothers awakening.
Grant and I celebrated by have scrambled eggies and toast points and started planning our snowy trek to the hospital to see Baby Sister....
We ( Hubby, Second Son, Baby Girl, myself and Big Brother Grant) packed ourselves into their tiny car, with the car seat, and sang Christmas Carols with Grant all the way there....
A memorable, memorable time....
So it was with great pleasure that my first WeeWonderfuls Dolly was to be given to the little girl that I have known for 'so long'!!
Enjoy, Gracie Beth!

Well, Owlie just couldn't resist...He was as happy as I was to complete this fun project! And he kept saying, 'I TOLD you so! I told you so!!!'
Owls can be such know it alls.....
His time in my sewing room is limited since Eldest/Admin is pretty sure that he is coming to her house to stay...
Good luck with that! He is very opinionated!

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  1. Oh my goodness!!!!!!!!!!!! It was wonderful reading all of that and made me cry thinking about how special the gift of my little girl is to me and how her whole life has been planned out and ordained by God..... I love you so much and thank you from the bottom of my heart for loving us. This doll is so beautiful!!!! Yeah!!!!!!! I am so excited for Grace to see it! Thank you... thank you... thank you!!!!


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