Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Comfort Night

Faithful Friend and I meet once a month.
Generally, at our favorite restaurant.
We usually stay there till they throw us out.
We linger longer than most of their customers, but they don't seem to mind. Too much.
Wednesday was our night to meet.
But it was cold and very rainy.
And FF had been at work all day.
Would be nice if we could just stay in near the fire.
Could I swing it on short notice?


Crazy Dee had supplied me with enough leftovers from a previous feast that I could easily make FF and I a cozy meal near the fireplace.
Gather the wood! Turn on the Christmas music! Light the candles!
Make a Shepherds Pie from CD's gleanings, toss a salad and include CD's Youngest Daughter's most wonderful Squash/Sweet Potatoe/Chipotle Soup, brew a pot of hot tea and wait for FF to appear!

It was a lovely, cozy supper near the fire....
Thank you Lord, for Dear Friends....

1 comment:

  1. Looks and sounds absolutely divine. Jealous. Cant wait to have a fire place.

    On another note. I have to be honest, baby girl does not approve of this past closing time spent at restaurant. They say they dont care, but they do. Their income depends on your happiness.
    If you stay, tip very very very accordingly.
    Ok, my little rant is done.


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