Sunday, December 6, 2009

And Now a Word from Our Sponsor...

Just in case you're a little rushed this season.
Just in case you're a little overwhelmed by what needs to get done (Does it really?)
Just in case you think the holidays are the worse time of year for all the stress it produces....

Just stop.

Rethink why you do what you do.
And retool.

Does that thing really need to be done, or do you do it out of habit or expectations (others perceived?)

I have found in my wizened years, that the more I cut out of Christmas, the more enjoyable it became...
I could focus on the giving that I want to do, not what was expected of me....
I found out that Christmas cards were a burden that distracted me from the season and stressed me out and most people threw them away a few days after Christmas. Most cards merely have a signature with a manufactured message.
I stopped doing that years ago.
HUGE relief of self imposed stress....

Then came the big year that our family quit buying gifts for each other...
Simplistic and stress free.
My husband and I started buying things for our children throughout the year, special things that they needed/wanted/mentioned that they loved, and indulged them right then, without waiting for Christmas.

No wrapping. No shopping. Just enjoyment of the season and each other. Peaceful.

Please Enjoy the Christmas season however that looks for this year.
Do one thing that will bring you closer to the peace that the season stands for.
Spend time and conversations and meals together with those you love.

That's what they really want.....


  1. That's so funny you reminded me of the Christmas cards... I was just thinking I "should" do them this year because of V... thanks for the reminder... the thought of V's picture being tossed with the rest of the cards just made my decision! Plus now I don't have to worry about getting a picture ready YAY!!!! :)

    Who would have thought the year we all ended up broke would have become our new tradition... stress free and oh so fun and relaxing... we will miss you guys!!!!! xoxox

  2. Amen.

    In my now more mature years, I am BEYOND pleased and blessed to not have the stresses of all the gift buying stresses.
    Can't wait for cozy time by fire with warm festive drinks, christmas music, and delightful conversation. The most amazing gift of them all.
    Time with the family I love.
    Love you So Much I Cant Even Tell You.


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