Sunday, May 23, 2010


As we begin a new week, what say we clean about old business, preparing ourselves for the lark that is the upcoming week with all it's Holidaying?  As you can see, I finished Miss Vivien's Summer Frock.  Fabric from my friend Randi's wonderful etsy store,  Lovely, lovely fabric and wonderful service.  Please check her out for all your summer sewing needs.  Pattern, Simplicity 2625.  Can you picture my little Sweetie Pie, positively glowing with her lovely strawberry blond hair, in this dress?  Grammy can't wait...Always one to not pass on an opportunity to plant shop, we (Birthday Boy (ES), Lovely Wife, Baby Girl, Hubby and Grandchild Father, hopped to a very convenient AND wonderfully complete, garden center in the Greenwood Mall parking lot.  I know, Right?  Lovely, unique plants.  And we bought some.  As you can see, I had to take the photo opp of Baby Girl buying plants, knowing by the time the plants are in full bloom, she will be too!  Grammy's heart kinda melted at the thought...Eldest Son's mama's collection Birthday Banner looks right festive next to their Kit Kat Clock that the Hubby and I got them for their first anniversary.  Kit Kat has his Cub hat on for the season.  Shall we say that perhaps only the clock is hopeful for them this year?  Sigh.And lastly but certainly not to be forgotten...The Pedicure This Week.  Crazy Dee had given me a gift certificate for Christmas but why would I need one in the winter when my tootsies are under the wraps of my woolen sockies?  My waiting was almost my undoing as I noticed that it expired on Thursday, the day I had planned to go!  Ah, Providence!   Needless to say, relaxing in the massage chair with my favorite read of the moment, watching my feet transform into summer sandalage, looking forward to lunch out with Hubby then heading for supper with ES and LL....Well, need I say more......

On to the New Week!!

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