Saturday, May 1, 2010


The judge was brought in to select the winner of the Spring Giveaway Tote bag of the Grandest Kind Contest...
As before, the eligible entrants were placed in her toy basket to stimulate interest.
But then, something went terribly awry.
It appeared that Miss Dixie was searching throughout the slips of paper to find her former owner, Mama Krystal, to tip the winnings in her favor.
Well, as soon as I saw what the corrupt little Jack Russell was up to, she was immediately disbarred from the contest.
We shall not have corruption and payola fouling our most venerable and honest of contests.
But at this late date, where or where will we find another Pure in Motive Drawing Overseer?
Aha! New Dog on the Block! Scout is too young to be corrupted with the exception of maybe a treat or two randomly sprinkled throughout his toy basket. Scout faithfully set to the task of selecting the completely non influenced slip of paper at random.
After grabbing his treat, er, entry, he clearly spit out the blank sheet of paper that represented:
Miss Autumn!!!
Yes, her votes had to be blank due to the sheer volume of entries on her most valiant effort to win.
Perseverance does indeed pay off, Miss Autumn!
Congratulations on winner of the Second Annual Bag Giveaway Contest of the Grandest Kind!
Your bag will be delivered to you on Thursday.
If Scout says it's okay.

But look at that face.
Certainly he will agree.....

Happy May Day to all my fun participants and most loyal readers!!!!!

A crazy wrinkle has developed in the ongoing mystery of the Spring Giveaway Tote bag Contest!!! Corrupt Judge, Miss Dixie, has indeed pointed out that another tried and true participant in the contest, that also had a whopping amount of entries, will be in need of a Diaper Bag come this fall..... Could a Diaper Bag Contest be in the offing soon???? Hmmmmmmmm.....The Administrator and I shall have to converse about this and if all is copacetic with Miss Dixie, perhaps this shall be pursued........Thoughts???

Oh the Intrigue on the So Now I Know Blog.....!!!

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