Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Adorable. Seriously.

I haven't been to visit Miss Viv lately....In person.  But oh my, this morning...!!
Haven't embraced technology this warmly for a long time.
This morning, The New Walking, New Signing, New Jabbering Miss Viv and I, virtually played, talked, sang, and admired each other abundantly.
This pretty cool piece of technology was installed an uploaded to Skype via The Renaissance Man's fun, fun visit this week.  Thank you, thank you. Again.
This morning, after Baby Girl, RM and Yours Truly, trekked to the local donut shoppe after a raging storm, I sought refuge from them leaving (sniff) by utilizing my swanky new camera and calling Eldest/Admin and chatting AND seeing each other for the first time in a bit.  Miss Vivien was napping while we caught up and adapted the camera.  At first, the setting'off' and according to the gales of laughter from EA, I sounded like Alvin of the Chipmunk Fame.  She was in stitches. And I laughed hearing AND seeing her crack up.  Priceless.

Then She Woke Up and her sweet little presence entered my library where my computer dwells.  I silently gasped at the wonder that is her.  She had so much to show her Grammy.  She has a little gathering of curls in the back of her strawberry blond hair.  She showed me the sign for mama, papa and ball.  She walked and danced and giggled at her Grammy parading a flock of little animals her Poppy had bought for her.  I showed her the shirt with the monkey and gleefully responded when she made the monkey noise.  I watched her hug her mama.  I watched her as she tried, tried to figure out Grammy's appearance without all the massive hugging that usually goes on.  How my heart yearned to gather her up and kiss her sweet little dimpled cheeks, but despite that, this Virtual Grammy Visit was golden.

 I Promise To No More Complain About Computers.  I will laugh at their irritations, as long as it brings me closer to My Little Sweetie Pie on a regular basis.
Thank you, thank you , Most Inventive of Inventions, for my little online visit today.....
Grammy needed it......

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  1. And we needed it too!!!! What a fun way to bring in a rainy/blah day... We miss Grammy & Poppy around here... but now thank God for Skype!!!! :)

    **What's funny is that YOU sounded like a chipmunk... for the past few days I'VE been the one sounding like a chipmunk HA!!!


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