Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Leafgirl Studio+ Organics Spring Bags!

(Ed. Note:  I imagine that some of you are wondering: 'So Deb, whats up with the bags?  Where are the new grandgirl photos?  Where is the story of her arrival??  To this I answer, I am a good Crunchy Grandmama.  I wait till the mama has a chance to post the first photos and introduce our friends and the world to our newest baby.  Some of the Commandments of Crunchy Grandmothering are: 1.  Thou shall not tell anyone anything about the baby until you have been properly okayed by the parents.   2.  Do not speak of the labor and delivery for it is sacred and belongs in the heart of the mama and daddy and is up to them to reveal the details when they have processed.  3. Never release photos publicly without permission.  Since I was the closest thing to a Crunchy Mama in the 70's and 80's, I completely understand and respect these rules and so until I get the okay, you shall just have to put up with the bags I made for Leafgirl Studio+Organics the week before I left on my trip to Baby/LaborandDelivery Land.  Watch this space for future journeys with my grandgirls....)
 1.  The Hippie Bag.  Made from a tablecloth....Whimsy inside as well...
 2.  The classic market bag.  Vintage Everything.  Of Course.
 3.  Sprite Bag.  Microsuede with scallops and vintage buttons
 4.  Walkabout Bag.  Just fun when you travel light.
 5.  Elfin Beauty.  Fringey and perky.  Fun abounds inside and out.

 6. Vintage Sheets Work Well Bag.  Sprinkling of buttons
 7.  Potpourri Bag.  Little bits of this and that. Colorful and really fun.
 8.  Market Bag Supreme.  Colorful, appliqued and pocketful.  Can't be crabby carrying this....
Can you tell how much fun I have designing, sewing this little bits of art???

BTW, did I mention that I have a New Grandgirl??  :D

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  1. I know the rules too...I usually just steal the photos that they have already put on Facebook or their own blog, that way I know I'm safe. - Congrats to you too on the up coming Thanksgiving bundle, we will have to compare the weight of those little turkeys..hahaha! xo


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