Friday, April 27, 2012

Dogwood Festival Fun

 Once a year, the most fabulous thing happens in the life of a Picker near Orleans Indiana.
All the goodyness of everyone's discards get brought out into public view for people like me to pant and sweat and froth over all the opportunities to be had.

This year, Hubby and I prepared for the event.  Hubby came home from work last night and bid goodnight before I did.  Some nights I am gone to the world before he makes it home.  Last night, he properly installed himself into the sheets, kissing me goodnight while I still had my nose in my book.
I say to him, 'Well.  This is different.  You falling asleep before me?'  He responds, 'Garage Sales tomorrow.  Gotta get at em early.  Got to get to sleep earlier.'  
I just cracked up, patted his sweet little head and said, 'Way to get at it, bud!', and returned to my book.
But not for long.  His good sense made good sense and my bed side lamp was turned off shortly after.
 So it was with great enthusiasm and united front that we approached the small town of Orleans Indiana and sought out the bargains of the year.  Our Rickety Pickety Up Truck was put into sort of good stead to load it up properly and thoroughly.  
And we did...
 Some of our goodies:  

  • Fossil watch and three bands for it
  • Mission type side table
  • Big commercial initials from an old sign
  • Brand new Vera Bradley pencils and notebook (still in wrappers)
  • Vintage wicker fern stand (A piece of wicker is a requirement to make it a successful picking day)
  • Shawnee Pottery, large vase, no chips
  • a bag full of vintage notions and fabric
  • an amazing quilt; 30.00
  • a purple 27 drawer notion holder; Yes.
  • a fabu lined water repellent jacket; Dog Walking Special.
  • A vintage wool/cashmere great coat for Hubby
  • 7, yes S-E-V-E-N sets of vintage Star War Lego sets for Younger Son for his library Lego sessions with the little ones
  • well framed Reservoir Dogs movie poster for YS
  • and bunches of little things that my giddy brain is forgetting now....

 A trip at Lord and Taylor could not have filled me with more joy....

Ah, simple things...

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