Monday, April 16, 2012

Mimi and Papa Go Spoofin' and Nestin'....

 [Down here in Southern Indiana, we don't find much need for the 'ing' ending in most words.  When we first moved here, we thought that perhaps a moratorium had taken place on the ending without us knowing about it.  Now, twelve years later, we have packed away the 'g' and are happy just spoofin', nestin', drivin', visitin' and lovin' the adorable Miss Viv.]

This past weekend, we did just that.  We headed east to the Big City and toward our Very Near Due Darling Firstborn and her Fun Family.  We knew that we had some final touches on the As To Be Yet Named newborn's room and some extra Mimi and Papa time with the  the Soon To Be Older Sister.
 Few things Hubby and I enjoy more than dawdling in the countryside en route to our Grand baby of the Weekend's house.  We keep our eyes peeled for garage and estate sales and always are interested in old signs that may or may not lead us into an adventure.  This weekend, we came across a most interesting church/cemetery.   A beautiful church deep in the country with a graveyard that was positively ancient.  Burials from pre Civil War times.  Headstones ornately carved.  Stories reeling in my brain as I read the inscriptions, Hubby and I promised to return there some other time when Miss Viv was not waiting.... 
 We have a favorite near half way stop to Cincinnati called White Front Cafe in North Vernon Indiana.  Tasty and cozy with a great bathroom (important for highway travel, right?), we usually stop there either going or coming home.  This time, Hubby suggested that we take in some of the interesting little shops around the cafe that we didn't take the time for before.  (Perhaps the accident spurred him into some indulging? :D)  Anyhoo, we sauntered and puttered in and out of the shops including the incredibly cool  Redneck Hunting Store where Hubby purchased ammo for my new gun.  Seriously.  The shop is a compendium of every thing useful, funky, vintage and weird.  The proprietor, a friendly chap, welcomed us in and invited us to look at his 'specials'.  Truly a  must revisit.

Onward  we go. 
 Eldest/Admin is a rosy 37 weeks preggers.  She is glowing and smiley and absolutely prepared.  Even though she really did not need us to come, we really just had to.  I had to see that burgeoning body one more time before we get to greet the newborn.  I had to see that smile and that round belly one more time.  So while we were there, it seemed like we should do something useful so we set out to pillow sewing, sand box playing, dinner making and ice cream buying.  You know, the important things.  Miss Viv's tiny hands were very adept at stuffing the pillows for Baby Sister's Room.  Her mama is very adept at nearly everything else.  Wonderful Man, E/A's Hubby, cleaned and cleaned his garage, cleaned a ceiling fan and prepared New Baby's car seat for installation.  E/A worked on a nursing cover as we all formed our own form of Nesting.  You could almost see the twigs fly and the the crack of the little eggs in a nest, it was so tangible.

After a hard day at work/play, we said nitey nite with our little buddy snuggling up between Hubby and I.  Miss Viv fell asleep while Papa read to her while Mimi bathed.  I woke up in the night to find her Jessie perched on my head.  Chuckling to myself, I placed Jessie back where she belonged, right in Miss Viv's arms.

The next day flew by as all the tasks wrapped up and the beautiful Sunday was used up.  Mimi and Papa took a deep breath as we departed, knowing that the next time we arrive, our numbers will be added to and Miss Viv's world will be altered.  That wonderful bittersweet time, that last month with the Only before she becomes the Eldest. I can still remember that month for me with E/A.  I remember a day in the park, lying on the grass, wondering how in the world I was going to get up, while I listened to Hubby chase teeny E/A around, flying a kite and causing a great amount of giggling. I remember tears running down my face as I thought about the changes coming; ours prepared, but little E/A -not so much.  Much like this past weekend - so familiar and so dear....

We meandered home, quiet and wistful, enjoying the sunset, metaphorically and realistically.
We stopped for tea and ice cream and sighed some more....

The journey of parents,young and old, blessings from Above......


  1. It was a fun and surreal weekend... so glad you guys came to enjoy the end of one chapter as the next is about to begin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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