Monday, October 15, 2012

Passing Time

It doesn't happen very often, but when it does it is like a weird vacation.
Not one that you send postcards from or even really enjoy, but it is a very large alteration in the regular SOP of the day...

This past weekend, I spent the whole time in bed. Nearly every hour.  Not with influenza or a wracking cough or sniffles but a very real threat to the standard of health that I am used to.

I have testing this week to determine just how bad off I am or am not, but finding myself on my back for a lengthy period of time found me scrambling to retool my usual form of busyness.

I had to lie pretty flat so I knew that some hand sewing was still an option.  And bein' sincin' I've got me a new grandgirl due next month, that was pretty much a no brainer.  But yet, my odd state of mind wanted some other form of diversion from the usual. Some other thought consumer guaranteed to busy the mind and occupy the hand.

And I found it.  My art box of pencils, crayons, paints and markers.  I gathered up a burr oak acorn, a regular acorn, a bouquet of oak leaves, a branch of crab apple and a bit of my tulip popular (not all at once but on walkarounds from keeping me from getting too stiff), I proceeded to draw, draw, draw.  I used the pencils and the crayons and giggled each time I had to sharpen the pencils.  It kept reminding me of the odd, random Walmart trip on Prince Edward Island (yes, even PEI has a Wally World!) that Hubby and I along with Kindred Spirit Friend and her hubby, enjoyed  last summer.  We needed a few supplies and one of the things I needed was a good pencil sharpener for the fascinating Vera Bradley pencils I had brought along with my vacation notebook.  I found myself writing so much that I worn the lovely pencils right down to the wood.  Thus, the pencil sharpener search on PEI.  (Perhaps we have been the only pencil sharpener tourists there ever; they were pretty hidden).  

I digress.  My mind has become a bit dull on bed rest....

So, as the days ahead reveal the medical updates this aging body might be in need of, I vow to never leave my home without my pearl cotton, my scissors, my pencil and sketchbook AND my PEI sharpener.

I and I shall smile....

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