Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Four Times the Fun

' I have no greater joy than this, to hear of my children walking in the truth.'  3 John 1 :4

Years ago, I remember telling my youngest to copy this verse and put it on the refrigerator.  I remember thinking what a joy it would be to be able to watch my grown up children embrace truth and live it fully.  My hope, in those long ago days, was to be able to live long enough to rejoice with the John of the bible who spoke of his 'spiritual' children.  I still have that verse in it 's childish scroll among my belongings.  It still gives me a thrill.

I had the unmitigated pleasure to share this past weekend with my two daughters and their two daughters each.

I had the pleasure to observe them parent.

I had the fun to hear their discussions about oh so many matters.

I giggled while Hazey Jay discovered humus for the first time.

I let out a little, excited scream as Miss Viv read her very first word.

I had the pleasure to make them dinners and lunches and treats as they nursed their babies.

I laughed at the chaos that four little girls can cause in a relatively short time.

I breathed a sigh of relief when Hubby picked up the slack and cleaned up after dinners.

I loved watching this little ol' house live up to it's large family potential, utilizing all it's spaces.

I gloried in painting with the little girlies.  Any excuse for this Mimi to paint....

I snickered to myself to hear the countless, 'Mimi, Mimi, Mimi, Mimi!!', when I left the room for a minute.

I smirked hearing the exact same words that used to come out of my mouth, hearing it from my two daughter's very similar voices.

I cringed when I realized that the birthday cupcakes I was making for Baby Girl, Vanilla Latte Cupcakes, were minus the 2 cups of sugar required.  grrrrr.

I had the rapturous Mimi time that made me smile in my sleep.

I had the big fun to change diapers and help in the potty with those so inclined.

I loved the deep conversations, revealing more and more of the character of my sterling grown up girls.

I watched as my girls struggled with the things of mamahood: Am I doing it right?  Am I too soft?  Too tough?  Too tired?  Too distracted?  My heart went out to their spirit of being overwhelmed too many times in too many days..

And my heart burst quietly observing those tender moments, just mama and daughter - those sweet, nustley, lovey- dovey times that warm a mama to the core.

Yes, I rejoice with John....

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