Tuesday, August 23, 2011


 I have had the wonderful privilege to be invited to my grown up children's grown up homes to share the first weeks of their firstborn's life.
This is something I do not take lightly.
I understand that being allowed in the sacred air of the welcoming of a new human into a couple's life, is not something to impair, invade or opinionate.  I seek to be a help and not a hindrance to the process of welcoming the New Person.
These unforgettable times so imprint upon my soul that I can barely speak when I journey home.  Hubby has come to recognize the unmistakable signs of my overwhelming joy/sadness that comes upon me as I process and download all that I have experienced on these Mimi Journeys.  There is a silence that rarely afflicts me as my mind scurries around trying to put all the input that has been experienced into places that have never been before.
 Watching the adult child perform as the loving, caring, sacrificial person you always hoped and prayed would be there amidst their selfish little childish selves, fills ones soul with such gratitude and peace that I become too touched to respond. Words of affirmation are pitiful in light of the crazy thankfulness that the heart feels.
It is one thing to know that your child is a responsible adult.  It is quite another to see their day to day in light of another person in their life that is their life and then, oh then, there is the amazing transformation that takes each of them from loving spouse to the viciously protective, sacrificially caring , copiously loving parent.  Many times, I want to almost turn away, the union and emotion is so raw and intimate amongst this new partnership.

And to think, I was invited to be a part of it all.....Three times.  Blessed beyond description....

Thank you Dear Children, for being beyond what I could have ever dreamed for you....


  1. If these aren't the most precious pictures ever taken, I don't know what is ... Beautiful!!! And, Mimi, you are certainly blessed beyond measure, and we are blessed to have you as a friend.

  2. Look at her little butt resting in the palm of his hand ... Awwweeee ... So I'm sorry, I just had to post again.

  3. I cried when I read this!! So awesome!!

  4. Funny... the phenomenon is that we had wonderful parents who taught us how to be brave and be the parents we knew we could be... here's to the BEST roles models 4 kids could ever ask for........ now... it's time to carry on the tradition.............. ;)

  5. Ah, and you all are!!
    Thank you my friends and Firstborn!!

  6. rarely do I have no words. but here we are. no words....except thank you mama, for everything said and everything you do. LYSMICETY

    p.s. I completely agree with EA comment. :)


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