Sunday, August 21, 2011

New Leaf Collection of Bags

 Designing Donna  ordered another batch of mama's collection bags.
 Because we like to live and create a little bit left of center, she gave me some  inspiration by sending some fabrics that she had lying about. These fabrics shot me right back to her salon in my mind, recalling those wildly inventive cuts that she used to give a much younger me. My designing mojo kicked into hyper mode.....

  I loved working with the fabrics from her collection since they 'told me' information as to what they wanted to be; Designing Donna had selected them, used them, liked them and now they were destined to another invention. Short of speaking right out loud, I got it right away for each piece of cloth.

  The top green bag was an amazing batik print that grabbed my attention immediately.  This bag is packed with pockets and a most interesting tie dye lining.  The strap is a Patagonia Belt; sturdy and well constructed.  The batik flowers have vintage buttons accenting their centers. My favorite.

The second bag is made up of five really swell cloth napkins.  Quilted, sewn together and lined with useful pockets and decked out with key, bead and button embellishments, this very practical tote is about as creative as it gets.
 Then there is the Celtic Tablecloth/bedspread Hippie Bag.  In order to utilize the twining Celtic knots that border and center the tablecloth, I cut it on an edgy triangle and used the border to be the straps. Pockets went high up near the straps on this unlined bag and an embellished weighted flap closed it nicely.  Wouldn't be a Hippie Bag with out bells and beads on the point on the bottom, now would it?
 And for the traditionalist, we have another tablecloth from an entirely different neighborhood.  The Safe Bag, unlined and normal looking because I have to remember that not everybody walks on the edge.  Vintage buttons and a useful pocket on this unlined bag make it a market bag that you can proudly use and use again.

 Because Designing Donna knows that I will try to repurpose anything, she threw in an odd quilted pillow sham so as to mix it up a bit.  Adding some bits of brass saddle embellishments procured at an Amish Store down the road from me, this handy little bag is fun and soft and perfect for those outings when just a small bag will do.
 Do you remember this fabric?  Pretend Daughter Kris bequeathed this lovely vintage Waverly Fabric from her mother's collection to me last fall and  I made a diaper bag out of it for Baby Girl.  This wonderful fabric practically makes itself with all it's wizened history and lineny goodness.  It is so full of linen, that it indeed has bits of flax woven in this very nice finished product.  With some of DD's brocade fabric to line it and a few vintage buttons, it turned out to be high on my list of faves.  DD termed it the Autumn Bag and last I heard, she was calling this one her own.
 Some very utilitarian canvas, sturdy and strong, decided to be retro by adding some flowery buttons and vintage pillow case embellished and I could see it being the hit of the Farmer's Market, able to carry books and eggplant quite aptly.
 On this shipment, I got to premiere my new mama's collection  labels.  Baby Girl took care of this for me and I am quite excited about them.  Hence the blurry photo.

So by now, the bags are being displayed gleefully, proud of what they've become and waiting patiently for just the right someone to come and make them theirs.

Makes a mama proud.......

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  1. lovely. you are remarkable! your bags are friends. they are just hanging out, ready to be a companion for life!


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