Friday, December 9, 2011

One of Those Days.

I was making lunch when Hubby pointed out that perhaps we weren't alone.  Looking up, on the roof over the back door, was our neighbor's cat, peering in with that 'Whaaa?' look.
It reminded me of the book 'Wacky Wednesday': 'Cat on the roof? Cat on the roof shouldn't be there at all!'
But it was Thursday.
I took it as an omen.

See this purse to be?  It was in the doing of it that I first should have known that things could go awry.
I was too excited.  Too pleased that I had a new machine that would sew through the leather on the ex belt to be a purse strap.  Too giddy that most of my pressing Christmas Sewing was wrapping up.
None the less, I, flibbertigibbet like, grabbed my new machine (well, not exactly grabbed; more like grunted and groaned) as I lifted it into it's new position in The Sewing Room.  I introduced my Japanese Friend, Janome Jean, old sewing machine, to the current crush,  Heavy Duty Harry.  Harry seemed quite pleased with being in the forefront as Janome Jean politely bowed to his appearance. (JJ is very hospitable).  The Operator plugged in and poked around, checking out all the buttons and gadgets.  HDH is very plain; simply utilitarian and functional but I needed to get familiar.  On his shiny new motor and wheel was a most obtrusive orange thingy.  With saw teeth and bright color, I figured it must be a temporary thing placed on it for shipping it safely.  Surely it couldn't be permanent?

Without so much as a hesitation in my go go go mode, I grabbed my snips and SNIP! That was it.
It was pretty much immediately following that crisp sound that I had second thoughts.  Useless and empty, I could not even consider my last action.
Until I Pressed On The Pedal And It Would Not Go.
"NO!" I says to myself.
"NO, NO, NO!" I says louder to myself in case the first one didn't work.
The next thought was denial.  Something else must be wrong.
Time to get Hubby involved.
I call him sweetly, "Hubby dearest, would you mind checking my new machine?  It appears, dearest hubby, that something could be wrong with it?"
But I knew.

Hubby appeared with his Rescue Ranger Look on his face.  Hubby is always ready to attack a mechanical problem.  It's his thing.  I almost hated to ruin his day.
I looked straight into his eager eyes.  
" I do believe I know what is wrong.  It appears this rather useless looking thing seems to be something rather important."
I showed him where I clipped it off from, held the ruined Lug Belt in my hands and we just looked at each other incredulously.
Then we Laughed Our Arses Off.
Hubby sensing that my laughter was reaching hysteria, came to a non mechanical rescue with these words:
" Well, honey, at least you figured out what you did!  You saw how it doesn't work without it and put two and two together!  That's good!"

Good Ol Hubby.  Wise Hubby.  He hasn't lived with me for nigh on 39 years for nothing.
Leave me alone enough with my frustration and anger and I will beat myself up pretty good without any help.
He turns around to leave the sewing room, shaking his head at another bonehead action that I have managed to accomplish in this last year.  But wisely,  not saying a word.

Lest you think that I am angelic in my dilemma, you can be sure that my best naughty words were brought out for the occasion and that all day long I was found to keep repeating, "I CANNOT believe I did that!! How stupid am I", throughout the house.  Even Miss Dixie was getting tired of the tirade.

On the bright side, after all was said and done, HDH was shelved till the Mighty USPS delivers his brand new Lug Belt, hopefully, next week, and most gracious Janome Jean returned to her rightful place, with enough joy to finish Sweet Adeline's most brilliant Christmas Stocking!  Nothing like sewing for one of my little grandgirls to make me forget the silliness in my day to day..... 

Do not let the Grinch of Circumstance rob you from your proper joy this season.....

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