Saturday, December 24, 2011

Different Days

 Since my Young Mama Days, Hubby has managed to surprise me every year with the most wonderful gift.  

His Time. 

 He would save up his Use or Lose time off throughout the year then in the busiest of months, he would spend it all.  This would mean that the whole month or at least a majority of the month of December, He Was Mine.  To a young mama with four children and a very busy life, this meant daily support with gift making, treat baking, snow playing and shopping. wrapping and decorating.  It was the best gift ever.  And we loved our time together even though we were usually just grabbing smooches as we passed each other en route to another task.
 Then our house got empty.

Our little kiddos had homes of their own and Hubby and I found ourselves without the busy-ness that consumes young homes.  However, we are creatures of habit and Hubby habitually saved his use or lose for just widdo ol' me.  I haven't sent Christmas Cards in years.  We quit gift exchanges long ago.  This year, the big tree stayed in the basement and only the newest of decorations came out.  In short, there just wasn't much for either one of us to do.  Not being the type to sit still, this year, we sought out Different Days.  This year, our time off took us to different occupations, things that in the previous years of parenting would never been possible....or even considered.
 This year, the last big shopping weekend before Christmas, we went to an auction.  
While most were scurrying around in the mall, Hubby and I searched out the most rural of locations on a very temperate Saturday in December to a hidden home that housed most of the vintage sewing machines known to man.  I got a glimpse of my own estate auction in the future walking through this elderly woman's collection of all things sewing.  Materials, kitschy furniture and dishes from another time, out buildings full of all kinds of useful and decorative things spanning many decades.  The day was bright and agreeable to be out in, unlike most mid Decembers.  We passed on the lengthy wait for a very special vintage sewing machine, but felt a little lighter in spirit after leaving the beautiful, distant location.

We found an unusual stop for lunch in the nearest town.  A deli with an emphasis on cheese.  All things cheese.  No indoor seating, so we just took our very unique sandwiches and ate in the car.  Because it was Different Day.

We needed to leave the auction so that we could help Youngest Son prepare for his First Annual Christmas Dance.  A hoot if I ever saw one.  YS rented out a local dance studio and put on a most jolly of dances in lieu of gifts for his friends.
 We had a blast baking and decorating and of course, dancing to his well selected play list of musical favorites and obscure (to me) artists.  Hubby and I waited for the right song, danced hard, then departed, leaving the younguns to their Big Fun.

 A few days later, found me preparing to go to my Christmas Brunch with my Fleur de Lis Ladies.  Any time this fun group of women meet is a joy, but the Christmas Gathering is particularly inspirational.  Our hostess is our poet laureate of the bunch, a 91 year old jewel of a woman, that hosts us at her home, prepares the turkey, yeast rolls, dressing and dumplings.  Two other ninety year old members, brought covered dishes as well.  The encouragement I receive from the tiny time with these wonderful women, spurs me on like nothing else.  They are gifts.  This year, the hostess left this message on my answering machine:'Don't forget Fleur de lis Christmas Dinner Monday.  Bring a covered dish. (pause) And put something in it!'  See?  A positive hoot.

I tried to take her photo but she kept moving as I aimed the camera.  Lord, may I have her energy when I am her age.
 Of course, there has been plenty of time for crafting, embroidery, crocheting, while Hubby drives me around the countryside and while we watch an endless selection of Netflix streaming.

Then, our Biggest Different Days Diversions:

1.  Passport Application!!  Yes!  First time out of the country this coming year in celebration of our 40th Anniversary.  We headed to the Big City to accomplish this only to find out a bit into our journey that we had left our filled out applications in the buffet drawer.  In the dining room, ten miles back.  In days passed, with time of the essence, we would have railed at our stupidity and cursed at the waste of time.  This time, in the era of Different Days, we laughed and shook our heads and whooped at the craziness of leaving at home, the main purpose of the trip.  Too funny.  Other years, it could have been the reason for a rather large To Do......

2.  Hand Gun Purchase!  I KNOW! For years, I would not let Hubby even reveal his guns in my presence.  I had no idea where in the house they even where, that 's how good he was at hiding them.  But as in all things changing, I have come around to the thinking that a little personal protection might not be a bad thing.  I plan to take a firearms class, practice at a shooting range, and become a very legal hand gun owner with my very own gun.  Hubby and I were coming home from a rather superfluous errand the other night and after 'rocking the value menu' (E/A's Hubby saying) at our local fast foodery, we happened by a new gun shop in town.  They were closing as we passed but Hubby pursued on, asking the owners as they were leaving for the day, their hours etc.  The men leaving their store decided to reopen their shop, show us the best arm for my needs and we proceeded to fill out the proper paperwork and off we went, intending on shopping for tulip bulbs at Lowes and coming home with a very nice firearm.  See?  Different Days!  Who Knew??

For all you most busy of young mama's:  Hang In There!  Your time is coming...!! 

Different Days is well worth the wait......

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  1. The picture of the sewing machines made my heart pitter-patter! So love your blog and how you put words together.
    And...where is this place that is 'all things cheese'? I need to know where it is!!! LOL!


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