Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Spontaneous Party

 I could count on one finger the number of times Hubby and I have celebrated New Year's Eve in the traditional 'dress up and go out' definition.  Sure, we've had small gatherings at out home.  Sure, we've gone to little mini parties at someones home.  But to be honest, it just slips under the radar around here.  A more reflecting, peaceful kind of celebration is more to our liking after the hubbub of the long holiday season.  You know what it's like eating cake and hot chocolate with a cookie chaser?  Too much of a good thing and that is how I view New Year's Eve.  I think of it as some vegetables and vitamins in the midst of a candy store- needful and necessary if I'm going to be productive in the length of the long season of winter.  And this plan suits us fine.

Every now and then a serendipitous event happens that supersedes all your non plans and you are doubly blessed for the doing of it.  And that is how this year's New Year Eve/Day celebration played out in our home.

Eldest Son and Lovely Wife and Sweet Adeline were scheduled to stop by our home to say goodbye to us on their way to their northward home.  Hubby and I were slowly putting Christmas to bed around the house and figured that a solitary celebration would be fine and dandy with us.  ES and LW arrived in time for some lunch before their departure.  A short game of bastardized Banangrams (thanks ever so, Sweet Sharon for the addiction that has spread throughout our family!) developed and then it was time for a short nap for SA. By then, it was time for the fire to be set in the fireplace in preparation for our NYE quiet celebration.  As you know, a roaring fire is a draw to come and sit awhile.  We slowly picked out spots in the living room and ES and LW started talking about their plans for the evening, which was not cast in stone anywhere.  While talking continued, I slipped out to thaw some special steaks that Hubby had purchased for a special occasion.  Little Miss Addie continued to mesmerize us with her big five month old skills as four adults sat on the floor, watching her like we had never seen a baby before.  The glory of this mama watching her Eldest Son adoringly smile and coo with his little daughter, warmed my heart and caused me more than once, to hold back tears of joy.  Watching this little family interact is absolutely enchanting.  Such soft sounds with love oozing out of their collective pores.  You can't help but stare.

While LW commented on their imminent leaving, she, at the same time, was taking off her shoes and curling her legs under her self as she settled into her favorite fireside chair.  I quietly smirked to myself, seeing the writing on the wall; these chickies weren't goin anywhere!

My trained restrained motherhood ways kept me from 'forcing' them to stay.  I was giddy and pleased but was sure that I kept it to myself so that they didn't feel pressured to commit to spending their most special New Year's Eve with the Old Folks.  By the time the steaks were grilled and the salad tossed, we were in active planning for an overnight.  Suitcases, earlier destined for home, were brought back in while Hubby and I cranked up the heat in the Lower Level Guest Suite (basement with a bed) to cozy it up for our most youngest member of our family. Sweet Adeline surely would need to prepare for the new year by cleaning off her old birth year with all it's grittiness and grime, so Mimi dunked her in the bathroom sink while her mama photographed and her daddy prepared her nightly electronic collection in The Suite.
Adorable, obedient baby that she is, after getting clean and enjoying her last meal of the day, she said nitey nite to us and left us adults to the fireside.

The pivotal hour drew near and we quieted ourselves down to quiet conversation and slower movement.  A last minute wine purchase went quite well with the Dubliner cheese and borrowed crackers from Younger Son's nearby abode.

The new year arrived and hugs and kisses were shared and ten minutes later the elder two of this delightful group were ready to climb the stairs.

Yes, this new year eve was extraordinarily wonderful.  Spending relaxing hours with our Eldest Son and Lovely Wife and brand new Addie, filled me with a warmth that shall carry me through the cold months to come.  Watching your son father in a way that you are in awe of, is a wondrous thing.  Knowing the love of his life is a woman that supersedes my fondest prayers and dreams for him.....well, it is a wonderful thing.....

Young mama's of little boys:  Pray, pray, pray for your son's spouse.  Pray specifically.  Pray determinedly.  Embrace the love of their life and love her like your own.  Some day in the future, you too will get to smile contently as your married son and his family are snug in your home after a spontaneous party planned only by God......

Blessing on your new year.....


  1. LOVELY!!! We had such a fun time as well :) A perfect end to a wonderful year!!


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