Tuesday, January 24, 2012

In It Together

It has been quite awhile.
It's time had come.
And the blessing in the doing of it has been beyond what I could have expected.

After a bit of a ban on socializing, fellowshipping and otherwise interacting with most people outside of my family and close personals, I have resurfaced.   Sometimes things like that happen. Sometimes you have to be knocked on your keister to straighten up your inner life, your personal viewpoint, your direction and redefine and retool  your life.

Fortunately for me, I have several Close Personals that have kept me sane and cool.  Faithful Friend has been an excellent mentor, though she is nearly two decades younger.  She has been the one that I could grumble and moan and ...complain.  She would let me do all that then she would do that smile that told me, 'Are you done?'  And then with a gentle admonition, she would help me ferret truths from distortions and help to cope to see another day.

And then there is Sweet Sharon, my confidant and prayer warrior.  This lady can hear about anything I have to give her and make sense out of it.  I know that she is praying, praying for my different needs in my life and different times.  She is there for me even though we are geographically distant and not terribly communicative with each other on a regular basis.  We just 'get' each other and know that we have each other's back.

This is a rare and amazing blessing.  In my dark years, it has been my light.  In my confused and overwhelming distractions, they have been a lifeline.  

So when a time came several months ago when I was able to spend a generous amount of time with SS, I announced to her that indeed, the time had come.  I was ready again to be a part of a group designed for the personal spiritual development of my life.  She was glad to hear it and promised to pray for just the right group for me.   

It took quite a few dog walking prayer times to realize that if I had the resources, that if I had the need, that if I had the desire to grow spiritually, perhaps there were others out there that would benefit as well.   Most of you know from this blabbery space,that I love to have guests in my home.  I love sharing all what I have been blessed with and I love knowing that the gift of hospitality has been given me.  So it was with that revelation (duh!) that I decided that my new group shall be one of my own creation.  Faithful Friend was notified quickly so that she could give me her input and suggestions and advice.  Wouldn't do too much without it.

It was with  great satisfaction after some fine tuning and ideas that came from response to this blog that helped formulate my latest adventure.  

I have fought Facebook off for many years.  Friends would encourage me to join but I would vehemently protest saying, 'I do not want to communicate with anyone let alone people in my past'!  My Closed Door Policy did not fly with the openness of Facebook.  But then my little business started developing and Eldest/Admin convinced me that I could have just my business page without having a personal page.  She reassured me time and time again that I could closely monitor and limit any or all interaction.  So I gave in.

I still struggle with the day to day of Facebook, but it certainly has enabled me to reach many  people that I would not have had the privilege to meet.  Facebook's event invite seemed the perfect venue to announce my decision to share my quest.


Was I surprised by the response!  Grateful, humbled, exuberant, excited and well pleased, I eagerly studied, prayed, read, prayed and sought wise counsel.  I eagerly checked the event status for those signing on and needing info.  The invitation has brought together the most unlikely group of women with one goal in mind: To know in an intimate way, the God of the Bible.  Participants have come from vast and varied backgrounds.  Participants are in various stages of their spiritual journeys.  Some are just beginning; some have been ham strung by difficult questions or complicated church past issues.  Whatever.  All that is very irrelevant.  The focus, the point of the whole gathering is starting at Square One, from this day forward, perspective of God and Who He is and what He wants us to do with that.

This eclectic group of searching women gathered last night.
Sixteen women gathered for a common purpose.
Sixteen women willing to share fractions of their lives and interests.
Sixteen women willing to leave their comfort zone, go out on a limb and see where God takes us.....

Thank you Lord for this adventure.....


  1. I am so happy for you in your new adventure with God and friends! I also have fought against Facebook and have a sister that nags me about it almost daily...Perhaps I will reconsider after reading your brave ways..Love to you in your wonderful new journey! xo

  2. Struggling Friend who found a church, but hasn't found inclusion, found it in your home. Thank you for allowing us in your heart and home.


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