Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Queenies for a Day

 I'm a big birthday fan.  I believe that it is important to celebrate, in a big way, the creation that is you.  I believe that it is not a vain occupation, oh no.  I believe that it is a God Honoring thing to celebrate that your creation was very important to God in the huge, grand scheme of things.
I believe that if we are drawing breath, there is a purpose, an intentional purpose by our awesome Creator for your place on this sod.  And that, my friend, is something to celebrate.


So if I think that each one has merit and value in God's eyes, just imagine how silly I can get over my own dear grandgirls.

The days that they were introduced into this world was a big, big deal. 
 My life was changed beyond all reason and how their lives will affect this world is something so exciting to me that I get goosebumps just thinking of the possibilities.

Birthday Days are wonderful to a crafting Grammy.  There are birthday banners to make, birthday outfits to think about and now, the ever popular birthday crown to prepare for the noggin of the little girlies new year.

The tradition started with Miss Viv sharing her birthday week with her Unca Joco.  Unca Joco was very clear that on each year, he would prepare a Birthday chapeau, singling out the two of them from the lessers, birthday wise.  When the first birthday approached, I could see that Unca Joco might need some assistance to accomplish the goal of proper hattage for The Day

I cannot tell you how much fun I have making these crowns.
I love the feel of pearl cotton.
I love the vibrant colors.
I love the gaiety of them.
I love that they make me smile.

So, I thinks, if I get so much entertainment from such a simply made item, wouldn't everyone?  (Or at least a few more outside my inner circle)

As I traveled recently from hither and yon, my felt and my pearl cotton were nearby.  Nothing makes grandchildren miles go faster than making sweet little flowers and vines circling a tiny ring of felt destined to a small tike's head.

Soon, very soon, the Yet To Be Personalized Crowns shall adorn my Etsy site for your enjoyment as well.  I can embroider your most special Birthday Child's name on the front for you to make it a truly one of a kind gift that could last far into their twenties and beyond.  (Notice I said grandchild, because even though I have no male grandchildren, I hear that they are out there.  I intentionally made some crowns with not flowery like embellishment but kingly jewels and suns...)

If you are of the opinion that each life is to be celebrated big and would like to eschew the papery kind of birthday hats, then this crown's for you...

Celebrate each day as a gift.
But celebrate your little ones special day with crown made just for them......

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